I practiced for 3+ hours today. My daughter found out the sax player with Green Day gets lessons off my site. She finally thinks I am a little cool! There are over 150 to choose from! Steve Neff is originally from Upstate New York. He began playing the sax when he was 12. In high school he began to study clarinet and flute .

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I know, you are sick of it! Trying to play overtones past the second or third overtone. Trying to get out an altissmo G or G#. Trying to sound like you know what you are doing and can play any altissimo note with confidence without failing miserably. I have been there and know how you feel. You need a breakthrough and here it is. In this lesson, I introduce you to a revelation I have had over the last few months while teaching the altissimo register of the saxophone to students. This is a lesson on a technique I use to reach the altissimo notes and gain better facility up in that range.