NFM classes are a great way to introduce your child to great music or deepen the understanding of a growing musician. Children learn about and gain an appreciation for quality classical and folk music, great composers, instruments in the symphony orchestra, musical periods, and music fundamentals in this playful, yet structured setting. Parents, grandparents, and friends are encouraged to participate with their children and will also learn tips and tricks about fostering a loving musical environment for their children at home. Class materials (music CDs, instruments, puppets, and Song Story books) are available to further enrich experiences with music in the home. We offer a free class preview for prospective students and a risk-free money-back guarantee on your first class.

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Lindsey Hamilton


Mrs. Lindsey Hamilton, co-creator of Natural Foundations in Music, has a BA in Elementary Education from the University of Wyoming with an emphasis in Creative Arts. She is a credentialed teacher and has also completed extensive training in early childhood music through the Come Children, Sing! Institute, Music Together, and First Steps in Music.
In addition to teaching early childhood music for three years, her professional experiences include teaching 1st, 5th, 6th grades, K-6 music, assistant principal, and serving as Director of Early Childhood Music for the Fort Worth Youth Orchestra Suzuki School.

Products & Services

Early Childhood Music Classes

Early Childhood Music Classes

Our classes are designed for infants to children age 7. In contrast to other available early childhood programs, our classes focus on introducing children to classical/folk music and teaching music fundamentals in a fun engaging environment. Visit our website to learn more and to enroll in classes.

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My kiddos just started attending class with Ms. Christine and they love it! We have previously done the TCU program, and this class is not only more affordable but in my opinion much better. Thank you so much for offering this to our community!

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  • I would recommend this business

I sat in the youngest aged class with my babies and learned so much myself. So thankful for an amazing program for my kids foundation.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

As a music teacher of 24 years who has taught the Natural Foundations in Music curriculum, I can say with confidence that this program is beautiful, well-structured, creative, and enjoyable for all. I have seen it bring families together and give even the tiniest of babies a solid start with the language of music.
The Hamiltons’ books and recordings are treasures that bring childrens’ music to a higher level than what I’ve ever found elsewhere. The quality is truly exceptional. They are consummate musicians, artists, and creators who treat children as intelligent young people and don’t “dumb down” the material. This sets the stage for children to absorb, appreciate, and participate in music with a high level of fluency from the very beginning.

Natural Foundations in Music is a wonderful program for our two daughters (2 year-old and 1 year-old) – we all look forward to it each week! Ms. Lindsey has a knack for lovingly keeping the class on track while also allowing the children to be themselves.
I have seen my older daughter transition to never singing out loud to singing regularly, showing interest in instruments, memorizing things with ease, and being more creative in her play. I have gained many tools to use around the home with them including CDs of class and classical music, song story books, play instruments, and ideas on how to use music to teach them how to do daily tasks. It is truly a special program, and I look forward to continuing to take semesters and transition to my girls learning instruments. I am so thankful for this resource.

My son and daughter and I absolutely adore the Natural Foundations Music classes. The classes are wonderful for speech and whole brain cognitive development and really prepare a child for future music study as it develops the neurons in the brain necessary for music and language study. As a music teacher myself, I appreciate the substantial curriculum and as a parent, I love that my children run into the class with glee and sing the songs with joy at home. I highly recommend this program!

Natural Foundations is an amazing program! My 3 year-old and 6 month-old benefited in so many different ways and with the way the program is designed, it is easy to carry on at home. We absolutely love and adore Mrs. Lindsey. She is a very kind, gentle, and compassionate teacher. She really takes the time to get to know each child and adjust to each of their needs, which my 3 year-old really needed as it was his first time is a class setting. We also had Mr. David for a semester and he was just as wonderful. I am so thankful I was able to introduce my children to music thru Natural Foundations

The format and content in our NFM classes has been great. I love that the kids are getting familiarized with some of the old folk songs and jingles. Learning about instruments has been especially fun for my two boys. They love seeing, touching, and hearing all the different instruments. My boys also love getting to use the hand puppets with the music.

We adore these music classes and Ms Lindsey! Music at a young age is such critically important but also just very fun for Parent and Baby!! Even without adult intervention, children are natural music makers. When we expose our children to music through singing and playing instruments, they become more proficient and develop musical skills earlier. They also begin an appreciation of music that will last a lifetime. Andrew loved music with Miss Lindsey. She was fun and gave our son a wonderful introduction to music. It was a terrific beginning to his violin career but was also just a wonderful opportunity to enjoy music in a fun environment

I have so many positive things to say about this curriculum. First, I love the CDs that go along with the class. We listen to the classical CD every time we are driving, which really helps her [our daughter] learn the music well. Through this curriculum, Charlotte has been introduced to an array of different instruments. Her favorites so far have been the castanets and the triangle. Also, we adore all of the “song story” books, but our absolute favorite is “Once An Austrian Went Yodeling.” My daughter, Charlotte, pulls this book out all the time and asks to sing/read together. It’s wonderful!

Can’t say enough about this program! Such loving people who teach “actual” music. My kids have loved this program! Our family was so excited to participate in music class. Natural Foundations in Music was the perfect curriculum for our 4 year old son. He learned music terms, creative movement, and had a blast holding and learning to play unique instruments. We cannot wait to start class with our 8 month old son!

The Natural Foundations in Music curriculum is just that!! Building on the fundamentals of music in a natural, fun and progressive way. This program has created a solid stepping stone for their [our two boys’] next stage in music learning in private instrumental lessons. Our family loves it and we are excited to watch our children grow musically!

There are a lot of things I like about the class. I will mention some of them. I really like about the curriculum how it connects all the developmental areas for example cognitive (learning everything about instruments), speech (song stories, repetition of notes and sounds, echoing) fine and gross motor skills (dancing, playing instruments, puppets). Also the music that is played and taught. Which I think help the kids to learn how to enjoy music in a different level. The arrangements that Mrs. Linsey Hamilton makes for some of the traditional folk songs are just amazing.  Sometimes we sing one of those songs all day. They are refreshing. Sometimes is hard to find a good version that you can hear and enjoy for some of them on the internet so to have those songs available and the books is a plus.  We can’t wait for new ones.