Nadia School of Music offers private piano and cello lessons, in the comfort of your home, to students of all levels and ages in the greater Williamsburg area (including Williamsburg, James City County, and upper York County).

Contact Details

  Person Nadia Ilardi
  City Williamsburg , VA
  Zip Code 23188
  Address P.O. Box 6072
  Phone Number (757) 254-7858

Business Representative

Nadia Ilardi

Nadia Ilardi, president of Nadia School of Music, was born and raised in Russia and became a naturalized citizen of the United States in 2006. She comes from a family of musicians and began playing the piano at the age of 5. She attended eight years of music school before earning a Bachelor of Arts degree as a Music Teacher (a specific degree in Russia) from the Stavropol Music College, where she was trained in the Russian system of piano education. She began teaching in a Russian music school in 1998, and in 2001 emigrated to the United States. She started the Nadia School of Music in 2003.

Customer Testimonials

I have had the good fortune of taking piano lessons from Nadia Ilardi since November 2004 and recommend her highly to anyone who is considering taking instruction. She is an amazingly accomplished pianist who is well versed in teaching methods and who does an impressive job of identifying piano techniques that need to be addressed and then pushing her students to master them.

Nadia's personality includes a nice blend of respect, humor, and, at the same time, rigidity that helps to encourage her students to new skill levels. I thoroughly enjoy my weekly lessons with her and always find the music pieces on which we are working challenging and fun.

Please feel free to give me a call at the number shown above if you would like to talk in person about Nadia's teaching ability. I personally think she is terrific.

This is a letter of recommendation for Ms. Nadia Ilardi. who is an outstanding piano and musical theory teacher, totally dedicated to having her students play as capably as they can and fully enjoying what they play.

Nadia works extremely effectively with children or adults. I am a retired person, who wanted to improve his piano playing and music reading skills. Nadia has worked with me for the past year to develop and enhance these skills. As far as my personal objectives were concerned, Nadia focused on my musical interests, which were more in the jazz than in the classical idiom. She also understood my potential and made adjustments for my limitations.

Thanks to her, I was able to achieve a level of playing coordination that would not have been possible without her help.

She is an excellent tutor and a motivator. She demands a lot of herself and of her pupils. Yet, she is also very patient and she is willing to spend as much time as is necessary get quality results on a specific passage or on an entire piece of play.

I am very grateful to Nadja for her help, and I can highly recommend her to adults who want to learn or improve their play, as well as to parents with younger children who need special training and coaching. I can also add that, apart from being an excellent teacher, Nadia is also a very pleasant person to work with which makes the learning experience enjoyable and worthwhile.

Nadia Ilardi has been instructing my children and me with piano lessons for this past year, and 1 would personally like to recommend her to anyone considering piano lessons.

My children are ages 8, 10, and 13. The older two have had another piano teacher in the past, and I have had several different instructors during my youth. When we discovered Nadia (also through a personal referral), I decided to take up the piano again after many years of neglect. The fact that Nadia is willing to come to our home makes it even easier to arrange. Rather than all of us having to wait through the other's lessons, we are able to enjoy our own home environment while waiting our turns.

Nadia is obviously talented. She has a full command of the keyboard, with a wide range of musical abilities. Her many years of training become clearly visible when she is instructing. Nadia communicates just as easily with my youngest child as she does with me. Also, our lessons are tailored to our ages, interests and abilities. This is not "one method fits all" instruction.

It is my hope that we will be able to continue with Nadia for many years to come. I can recommend her without reservation.