Call us now at 574-2844 to schedule your 1st complimentary lesson or class with one of our gifted teaching team. Our school features performance classes, recitals, and best quality live recordings. We emphasize positive performance opportunities for all! W e teach all styles of music, including popular styles. M usic education can start early at our school.

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  City San Mateo, CA
  Zip Code 94403
  Address 2250 Palm Avnue
  Phone Number (650) 574-2844

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We'd like to tell you how our journey began. Simone grew up in Ontario, Canada, where all 4 children in her family started piano with Mom as their teacher, then progressed to private teachers in the area (there weren't any fun Piano Teams or Superstar classes back then!). Simone knew as a 6 year old that she would be a music teacher, and has never looked back! She was accompanying her elementary school at holiday sing-alongs from the 1st grade on, was involved in school musi- cals both in singing roles, and as the pianist elementary through high school years.

Our convenient location and full-service staff are built to serve your family with the highest standards in mind. From our youngest to our oldest students, our instructors take great care to know each student personally. Private lessons for our music students are a treasured time with a caring mentor each week. With a maximum 10:1 student-teacher ratio for dance classes, our instructors take great care to know each student personally. Our younger music students enjoy the collaboration and learning alongside their peers in our maximum 10:1 student-teacher ratio.

Over the years, we have grown to be a dynamic comprehensive one-location Music & Dance School, serving all ages on the Peninsula. There are 7 Departments at our school managed by Directors & Department Leaders who inspire and unify our teaching artists. Furthermore we specialize in quality curriculum and continuous program enhancements. Accordingly our teachers are exceptional, with a high level of university level education and credentials. In turn, we take good care of our teachers. Teachers benefit from professional development opportunities and the fair compensation they need to sustain themselves as Bay Area Educators through our tuition fees.