David Putnam, living in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA has been teaching music for over 10 years. He founded New Orleans Music Lessons 2 years ago and has seen and heard many of his dedicated students grow as musicians from all levels and musical backgrounds.

David has studied guitar under the tutelage of Hank Mackie, Brian Seeger, and Steve Masakowski. David got his B.F.A. in Jazz Studies (with an emphasis in guitar) from the University of New Orleans.

David is now playing guitar professionally in New Orleans and as a soloist ranging in different styles of jazz, bluegrass, rock, blues, and classical. He has led worship groups in churches and ministries. He has also played in rock, Latino, blues, jazz, and big bands including The Mississippians Ole Miss Jazz Band to name a few.

But, his love for playing music has turned into an even bigger love to teach others how to play. He has taught many students from the ages of 7 to 70 in six and seven-string guitars, banjo, ukulele, bass, beginner piano, and mandolin. He teaches in all the styles that has also influenced his playing including rock, blues, Latino, big band, bluegrass, jazz, and chord-melody giving his students a wide range of musical styles to learn. New Orleans Music Lessons has been so successful and so much fun that he did, indeed, "quit his day job" as a High School Math teacher and full-time teacher for students with learning disabilities and Autism. Teaching music is his passion and joy.

David now teaches privately in the New Orleans area as well as through , St. Martin's Episcopal School, or via webcam. Sign up for banjo, guitar, beginner piano, bass or ukulele lessons today!

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  Person My WebCam Lessons in Music & Acting
  City New York , NY

Products & Services

WebCam Lessons in Music and Acting

We provide webcam lessons in music lessons for many instruments via webcam:

- guitar
- bass
- banjo
- ukulele
- drums
- piano
- voice
- saxophone
- ear training
- music theory

We also provide acting lessons and coaching for film and theatre:

- meisner techniques (method acting)
- strasberg
- booking an agent
- nailing that audition

Please visit us at MyWebCamLessons. com to sign up.

We also have a FREE jazz guitar lick of the day everyday!

Customer Testimonials

My name is Matthias Mayr and I went to New Orleans as an Austrian exchange student. At that point I have been playing the guitar for somewhat 10 years and I felt that I needed somebody, to help me reach the next level - since I never had a teacher, I was terribly missing many crucial basics.

David inspired me immensely, showed me everything I wanted to know and way more.

He knew exactly how to draw my interest to the theory I never got into before, showed me lots of new music and just helped me to focus on the stuff that I need on my way to “the next level”!

Everybody who wants real help from an easy-going professional, call David!

I have been receiving guitar lessons from David Putnam for close to a year now. He is an exceptional guitar player and a very knowledgeable teacher. His experience with music and the guitar was far beyond my expectations. His vast knowledge and his ability to adapt to each students needs individualy have allowed me to gain a better understanding of music and how to play the guitar. David is a people person, and he has a great attitude about sharing his knowldege with others, which allows for a comfortable atmosphere to learn and grow as a musician. I would highly recommend David Putnam to anyone who is interested in learning how to play guitar, and I can guarantee they will not be disappointed.

I recently traveled to New Orleans from another state. Banjo teachers being very hard to find, I was pleasantly surprised that David was willing to spend lesson time with me on a Sunday afternoon. He was both professional and personalable. If you are looking to advance in your banjo playing, I would highly recommend scheduling some time with him!