It may seem funny to “teach” music to babies and young children, so let’s think about how kids learn their native language. They’re immersed in it! It’s everywhere for them and they just kind of absorb it. Well, in our culture (unlike some others around the world) opportunities are not everywhere for young kids to be immersed in live music – and this is what Music Together is all about!

How do children learn to speak? Through engaging with people they love, through repetition and immersion, and through PLAY.

In a Music Together class kids are free to explore, play and experience the music-making in the way that works best for their own age and learning style, while we grownups sing, dance and play percussion instruments. We create a place where music is all around, everyone’s having fun, and the kids are immersed and learning in the best possible way.

We know this works because Music Together has been around for over 25 years and our stories of musical joy and success are countless. All people are born musical – but we need an environment to encourage and nurture our musicality!

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  City Keene, NH
  Phone Number (603) 721-1492

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This darn pandemic challenged us, but we've met it with flying colors! Music Together Online is awesome! And, there's a bonus! Because we have no geographic limitations, you can join class with old friends, new friends, & relatives from afar. You and your kids can now be part of our thriving musical community from anywhere! You'll get a CD and book with all the Music Together songs from the BONGOS collection (that's the name of this year's FALL music collection) as well as a code to download all the music into your phone app or device.

First, a big thank-you to to all my Music Together families, because I LOVE singing with you and your kids more that you may realize. That I can spend my days facilitating music-making experiences with you is a kind of miracle to me, and you make it possible! Nancy's been teaching and running her own Music Together center in the Monadnock area since 2006. She also teaches early childhood music and movement programs in a variety of area schools. In addition to working with children, Nancy specializes in teaching singing to "non-singers, " beginners and anyone who wants to sing more comfortably and expressively.