Music Teacher Guy LLC offers affordable, private, personal, one-on-one musical instruction using SKYPE. You can interact with the instructor, face-to-face, in real time you don't even have to leave your home. And if you're currently traveling or on vacation, online music lessons are still just as close as your laptop computer. What you'll need for online music lessons: a computer, broadband internet connection, a webcam, a microphone or a webcam with a microphone and a SKYPE account. Please visit: to find out more.

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  Person Matt Torrence
  City King Of Prussia, PA
  Zip Code 19406
  Phone Number (610) 804-6968

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Matt Torrence

Music Teacher/Owner

A little about me: I've been playing electric and acoustic guitar, electric bass guitar, and drums since 1988, and I've been playing piano and keyboard for even longer. I have over 12 years of experience as full-time, private music teacher. My music students have been as old as 4 and as young as seventy-four, and of many different levels of ability.

Many of my students start as brand-new, clean-slate beginners with absolutely no musical knowledge and no prior playing experience. We begin with the basic fundamentals, and I teach them to speak the traditional language of music and to read standard musical notation. I also educate my students in the proper performance techniques to employ in their approach to their instrument.

Customer Testimonials

My daughter loves her piano lessons. Matt is very patient and my daughter is playing beautifully. I love the convenience of having a teacher come to the house. The best part is that Matt has helped my daughter foster a love of music that she will have forever!

Matt is a fantastic piano teacher patient and nurturing. I've seen my daughter's musical ability blossom during her lessons. Plus, you can't beat the convenience of having him come to you!

I decided, at the age of 52, to learn the piano after my son was taking lessons from Matt. The past year has been a joy as I've progressed up the scale to actually be able to play a few songs. Matt has been quite patient, setting a curriculum that has made it a pleasure to learn.

Matt's a teacher that has kept my son interested and motivated to continue playing the bass and it's great to have him come to the house every week as that's a huge time saver versus going out to a weekly music lesson.

My daughter has been taking piano lessons with Matt for just over two years. In that time, she has learned not only playing techniques, but also a great deal of music theory which helps her to have a deeper understanding of the music she plays. Matt's patient nature and encouragement have kept her interest in music alive, and she looks forward to her lessons. It's a great convenience to have the lessons in our home, and Matt is helpful with working with different schedules. We've recommended him to several families who all agree that lessons with Matt are a great way to begin music education at home!

Matt is flexible in terms of scheduling and cares about the student. For instance, without being asked, he sent us a list of musical gifts we could get for our son at the holidays based on his needs at the time. Matt knows music well, and seems to have many musical references at his fingertips. It's great that he comes to our home, and yet provides a serious music experience for our son.

At 34 years old, picking up an acoustic guitar for the first time in my life seemed quite intimidating. I had the typical trepidations of being "too old to learn" and not thinking I had enough free time to practice. Luckily, I found Matt Torrence on-line and it's been a revelation. Matt's in-home lessons and relaxed teaching style have been perfect for me as an adult beginner. Matt has a tremendous wealth of musical knowledge and ability, and does a great job of relating the material and making even the more difficult concepts and techniques seem clear. His lessons have been customized to my musical preferences and learning pace, and have me still going strong over a year and a half later.

My 5-year-old daughter, Madison, loves her piano lessons with Matt. She asks when she is going to see him again. She loves practicing her piano during the week -- so much so that I do not even have to ask her to do it! Matt is a wonderful teacher. Maddie and I also love that she has her piano lessons at Mom-Mom's house, right before Mom-Mom's lesson. Pretty soon they will be playing duets!

Matt is a very knowledgeable and personable teacher. He teaches what you want to learn, at your own skill level. Having him come to the house is great because it saves time and gas. He gets along with everybody. One week, we forgot to cancel a lesson because I was out [of town], and he stayed and had dinner with the family!

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