Our goal is to teach music as a language. The courses are contemporary in approach and motivate students to pursue their love of music by developing their skills through practical experience. MSI explores all aspects of musicianship and theory with specific attention to aural training using the piano as the main instrument.

MSI classes are specifically written with attention to the physical and intellectual ability of each age group, so whether you're 2 or 52, there is a class designed just for you.

Music Schools International is the first U.S. affiliate of the International School of Music (ISM) Network. ISM was launched in 1997 by a well-respected music educator, Rosalind Thrift. To date, there are 30 ISM affiliated music schools in Australia and New Zealand.

OUR VISION is to train and educate every student with simplicity and understanding so that they will be able to successfully achieve their musical goals.

We believe that every person is unique and valuable. We believe every student can learn in a supportive environment. We believe that excellence in music education is not an exception but the standard.

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  Person Brian Simmons
  City Peachtree City, GA
  Zip Code 30269
  Address 277 Hwy 74 North Suite 213
  Phone Number (770) 629-2229

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Brian Simmons

School Director

Brian has over 15 years of experience as a professional musician and music educator. Brian's passion for music began at the tender age of 8. As a young artist, he began taking piano classes with the ultimate dream of one day establishing schools to educate and teach others. A graduate from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, Brian holds a B.A. in Music Education and Film Scoring. He is a State of Georgia certified teacher and licensed director in the ISM curriculum. Brian has taught in the Boston Public Schools and the Dekalb County school system.

Customer Testimonials

My daughter loves music schools International. She has been with the school for four years and never complains about coming to piano class. To me this is huge, Mr. B makes learning piano fun. The kids really enjoy his energy and they want to excel. Mr. B has a connection with each child and he really cares and wants them to get the maximum benefit from the lessons. We are very pleased with our daughter's progress and see this investment in her future as time and money well spent

My daughter has been going to Mr. B since she was 2. I couldn't wait until she was old enough to go.That was almost 3 years ago. His tutelage is invaluable! The interaction with the kids encourages participation and facilitates the learning experience! She loves Mr. B and going to class!

The energy, professionalism and talent of MSI's staff are unmatched! My daughter looks forward to class every week!

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If you are interested in learning music and desiring a detailed musical plan to achieve your goals, please sign-up for your 30-minute free online music class and assessment with School Director, Mr. B.