Sing With Me is an exceptional research-based Music & Movement curriculum designed by an educator to aid meet the criteria for developmentally appropriate activities specific to early childhood music. The audience includes infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, and their parents or other family members. Materials can be adapted for K-second Grade and include many infant activities.

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Music, play, literature, dance, drama and art affect one's physical, emotional, social and spiritual growth; and all are intertwined in the young child's world. This unique resource and activity guide for families and educators of tots to eights brings together all these facets of the child's life and more including parenting tools, classroom management and groundbreaking research. In our hurry-up, dot com world, such experiences can provide a sense of community; it's not just about the music, the books and the crayons, but the relationships that are nurtured when we sing, read and play together.

Are you an early childhood professional who teaches and provides daily care to young children? Do you consider yourself a competent and confident teacher? Regardless of your education or experience, do you stop cold in your tracks at the mere mention of the word dance? When I began working with toddlers and preschoolers, I found music and movement to be an indispensable teaching tool whether in circle time, during transitions, as a morning greeting, or spontaneously throughout the day. Using a song at clean-up time almost always gets the job done with smiles.

Everything about good music is positive with the power to affect our lives forever. Music is also a powerful way for children to connect to their roots. Studies are chockfull of compelling data, affirming just how good music is for young children. I have always enjoyed music because it feels good, but now we know how good it is for us-just how grand it really is. I am not a scientist and sometimes I find study methodologies complex, but the outcomes absolutely thrill me.

From MiAEYC Annual Conference attendees. Thank you for being so inspiring and doing what you do with children. I have had a licensed daycare for 34 years and your session was my favorite. Oh my gosh, I couldn't agree more! I LOVE how you use nursery rhymes and songs with your music. Thank you for reminding me that my job can be fun. What I learned about myself, was that I need to relax a little. You hit the nail on the head, for me, when you said 'sometimes you have to put that type A personality away, and let the wanderers wander'.You have re-inspired me.

I'm Gari Stein, the author of The More We Get Together, developer of Sing With Me and the How to Sing and Dance series. I have been singing and dancing with young children and their families since 1966. I have seen the joy that music brings to young children, how it enhances their sense of self, positively affects their behavior and strengthens their comfort in a social setting. I'm the founder and director of Music for Little Folks in Ann Arbor Michigan, a music school for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and the grown-ups who love them.

Gari Stein is a generous individual and a real pro in her field. I was fortunate to see how she implemented her philosophy, her knowledge of child development, and her techniques with regard to music and movement. Watching you lead the youngsters with such joy, mindfulness, playfulness - it's really a special occasion each time a KinderConcert happens. And, even after all these performances, I still get teary when I see the youngsters prance to the music, rock their imaginary baby or twirl in pure bliss.

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All children are born with the potential to be musical and learn through movement and absorbing. Research findings show that the early years offer an optimal window for nurturing that potential, and support the importance of music and movement in the Early Childhood Curriculum. Musical aptitude may be a separate intelligence and, for many children, possible their only form of self-expression. Musical experiences can help enhance learning, listening & literacy while providing tools to promote social and emotional success.