After experiencing many roads in life in different fields, sacrifices during my years in school; I got to the conclusion that what makes sense in my life is Music and my Talent, Experience and Education are my tools to cover the community full time. If you are serious about music education, your career or even if you want to have music lessons as a hobby or individual growth and think that college is not for you for such as: schedule and conflict with your work, high prices in college or whatever reason, then give us a chance to assist you out.

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  City Fort Lauderdale, FL
  Zip Code 33313
  Address 1361 Sunset Strip
  Phone Number (954) 321-1850

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Our mission is to provide tutoring in music to low-income families. We see music as an art and a language that can open different paths to happiness and make a difference in society. Music lives right within our souls. When we hear, play, learn, teach, or even dance to music, we get a little closer to who we truly are: creative sensitive beings with the need to express creativity. We recognize that the school systems in the U.S. do not always see the value of music classes. We also know that taking music in college can be expensive and inflexible.