The Music Factory was built on the unique philosophy that teachers who have proven themselves through firsthand knowledge in the music industry supply the most efficient and practical learning opportunities. Our instructors, with knowledge in writing, recording, touring and formal music education, offer Music Factory students, of all abilities, ages and disciplines, a comprehensive and comprehensive program of music instruction.

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  City Costa Mesa, CA
  Zip Code 92627
  Address 1125 Victoria Str
  Phone Number (949) 574-2187

The Music Factory OC is a unique music school. The instructors have experience in writing, recording, touring and formal music education so they provide students with practical learning opportunities. Because they know that learning and success require more than just private lessons, The Music Factory offers a variety of curriculum, one of which is The Rock Factory. The Rock Factory enables students of The Music Factory, as well as non-students to form a band under the guidance of instructors who are experienced artists, to learn how to interact with other musicians. All in all, The Music Factory provides a fun learning environment for anyone who wants to learn how to sing, or play an instrument. They also have an UC approved academic curriculum for those who wish to pursue their career in music.

From Our Website

Love the instructors, they are cool and hip (certainly not what I experienced years ago playing piano). My son really enjoys learning guitar and being part of the concerts. Highly recommend The Music Factory! The Music Factory is Orange County's coolest Music School since 2006 - with two locations in Costa Mesa and Aliso Viejo. We offer guitar lessons, piano lessons, voice lessons, drum lessons, DJ lessons, and a full rock school. Whatever music gets you shake, rattling and rolling, be it the blues, rock, metal or country you can rest easy knowing that The Music Factory teaches both the electric and acoustic guitar to everyone, be you a beginner, advanced, or somewhere in between.

Best music lesson place in Orange County. Instructors are very knowledgeable and patient. My son learned life long skills and now has the confidence to play guitar on stage and sing at the same time. Our mission is to teach guitar students the language of music and the fundamentals of guitar in a way that allows them to experience the joy and thrill of playing music while also learning the necessary theory and techniques. Once a student understands the language of music, growth, and enjoyment grows exponentially.

My daughter, Kaelyn, takes voice lessons from Alison here and she is an amazing coach! Not only did she teach her to sing using the correct muscles to sing correctly and soar vocally but she was very professional as well as very nice and accommodating. The place is nice and has lots of rooms to have lessons in. Danny was very easy going and wonderful to deal with. All in all, we are very satisfied with The Music Factory and would definitely recommend it! If you have always wanted to be a rock, pop, country, jazz, gospel or R&B singer, then we have the pitch-perfect voice professor just for you.

Our piano professors teach a variety of styles ranging from jazz to popular music. Whether you are a budding Art Tatumor or Alicia Keys our professors are dedicated to helping you become an accomplished pianist. Our piano faculty expertly guides students through everything from the fundamentals of sight-reading to advanced technique and theory. Your favorite songs are also included in your piano lessons. Why? Because happy students mean motivated students, which always equals success. Our piano lessons are perfect for all ages, with tailored learning available for those wanting to start from as young as 7 years old.

The Music Factory's drum students-as with all our students- love music. Be it rock, metal, jazz, funk, blues, or any number of different styles, they are dedicated to learning the rhythmic language of drumming. Our drum professors can challenge any drum student with a wide variety of fun technical exercises. Exercises designed to improve any student's drumming skills. Always aiming to have happy learners the student decides which drum part they wish to master first. Your learning theory is also guaranteed by the use of The Music Factory's proven Drum method book and testing program.

1 All music Factory teachers are employees, not Independent contractors. 95% of all music school use contractors which basically means the teacher works for themselves and does whatever they want. 2 Music Factory teachers are trained on our teaching philosophy which includes our curriculums and testing programs. Take a look through some of our teacher bios below. If there is a specific teacher you want to take lessons with, we will do our best to accommodate your request.