Learn the art of composing and orchestrating your own original music. From music theory, to instrumentation, to understanding the compositional devices used by the classical masters, immerse yourself into the world of composition as taught by a Berklee College of Music graduate. Start writing your own original music TODAY!

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Eric Plust


Iíve been playing music since I was 9, and writing since I was 14. I was initially drawn to writing by an interest in the architecture behind music, as creating things has always been a favorite activity of mine. My strong and constant desires to learn more motivated me to excel throughout school, and eventually led me to Berklee College of Music, where I specialized in film scoring and composition. There I cultivated not only a deep, personal musical language, but also extended myself in all different directions, learning to speak with the orchestra, spending lots of time in studios, conducting small ensembles, and generally living and breathing music. From there the journey led me to Los Angeles, where now I hope to pass on all the great information Iíve acquired at Berklee and beyond.

Products & Services

Music History Lessons

(Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced)
So where did all this come from? Supplement your developing knowledge of the orchestra with a historical background, to give context and setting for all the devices youíre learning. A course of more listening and analysis, weíll dissect the work of the great historical masters, from Bach and beyond, and dig into their scores to find their secrets. Learn what devices they used, what harmonies and melodic devices they used, and apply it to your own style.

Orchestration Lessons

(Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced)
Orchestration isnít just the art of assigning instruments to play parts, itís the art of blending colors, understanding the sounds of the instruments, and the players behind them. Learn the ranges of the instruments, how they sound at specific ranges, and the countless different playing styles commonly employed; eventually youíll be able to create wonderful textures and sounds using easily the most versatile ďinstrumentĒ, the orchestra.

Music Theory Lessons

(Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced)
Learn the fundamental structures behind music as we know it, from basic chords and scales to advanced harmonic progressions and harmonic abstractions used by atonal composers. From Bach to Boulez, youíll find it all here.

Composition Lessons

(Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced)
This course outlines both the structural forms of composition, as well as its underlying concepts. Ranging from classical structures such as Sonata and Fugue, and expanding outwards to more modern, free forms, weíll focus on integrating these surprisingly basic, yet highly artistic ideas into your own personal style.

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