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  City Hillsboro , OR
  Zip Code 97123
  Address 331 East Main Street
  Phone Number (503) 693-0434

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I rented an instrument for my son and was told I could use 16 months of the rental money towards the purchase of a regular (not sale) priced item. But, after spending $288 in rental fees the owner, Jack, who couldn't have been more annoyed that I would have the audacity to try to use a rental credit that was so large, wouldn't sell me anything under $500, even if it's regular ticket price was under $500. Plus, every time we did pick out an instrument we liked, only the most expensive brand/item was available for us to buy with our credit, which was generally over $800!!. None of the lower regular priced items were available to us. When we said this isn't fair he said that, "I have to make money". Didn't he just make $288 off me?? If you don't want to give people the credit for rentals don't offer it to your customers. In my opinion, Jack at Mir Music is scamming people out of their money and it's just not fair. We are all hard working individuals who need our money, not just Jack.

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