We supply highly specialized Music Lessons exclusively for Piano & Voice. Unlike other lessons in other facilities on the East Coast, our lessons give you the advantage to be a working musician, actor and performer by creating an environment that is real.

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  City Allentown, PA
  Zip Code 18102
  Phone Number (610) 433-4344

I LOVE THE MET! This place is awesome for private music instruction! There isn't another place like it. They have the best keyboards too! Yamaha PSR-S700, Yamaha Motif 8, Yamaha XS6, Boss 1600 Digital Recorder, Hammond Organ, Acoustic Piano, Pro-Line Sound Equipment, Lighting, - When you take lessons there. every lesson feels like a performance. I have gotten soooo much better there and I really am getting real life musician skills. Oh yeh, they also have the BIGGEST Studios in the Lehigh Valley, also [shhhh] FREE Hot Chocolate, Tea (BIG Selection) and Bottled Water. We even had a Pizza Party and every one took turns playing and singing - definitely awesome. Charles is a phenominal teacher too! -Cassie Kossuth :)

From Our Website

Metropolitan Mobile Musicl is a mobile music education program that provides services to childcare centers, grade schools, personal care homes, libraries and summer camps throughout the region. We travel to our clients to execute interactive, fun, informative and high energy music classes. We are energetic, talented and have strong musical background with children ages 3-12. Experience working with children in a classroom environment. College degreed and can play the following instruments at a professional level: Keyboard, Percussion, Piano, Voice.

I NEW STUDENTS: My schedule is being revamped forSeptember 2016. If you want to get on the schedule -use our Contact Us Page! Schedule will be changing and will be reflecting the many students that have started in January! I do also provide lessons to children with Autism / Asbergers, Cochlear Implants, Sight Impaired and other disabilities. Sometimes, there are monies available for these "Special Needs" and we can fill out any neccessary paperwork. My students have written music for Travis Tritt, taught Leann Womack piano, toured internationally in Top 40 Groups, Sing R and B in live bands, Sing in and play instruments in European rock bands, have had roles on Broadway and off Broadway Productions, Worked for Disney and are on television in Spain, Performing in International Skating Venues, are International Models who've won "Freddies", National Touring Theater Groups, been in major movies, wrote music for television, performed on Jay Leno, auditioned and was accepted into Performing Arts High Schools as well as Colleges and Universities.

Is your son or daughter completely bored or embarrassed to play the music they are getting with another teacher / facility? Have they been taking lessons for 2,3, or 4 years and they are playing songs like "Johnny Tugboat" "My Pony" or have the Captain pointing to notes with his sword? Their friends come over and they don't want to play or sing anything because it just isn't their style. THE INVESTMENT you made in having them learn a musical instrument or singing is on the brink of going down the tubes.