Since 1990, Meridee Winters School of Music has been inspiring hundreds of Main Line families with creative, convenient, leading edge in-home music lessons. Meridee's self-published method and well-trained teaching teams offer one of the most exciting and educational curriculums in the country. We are the only music school in the area under the direction of a musician with degrees in music and education; the only school in the area with its own self-published curriculum; the only school in the area that has a teacher-training program featuring monthly teacher workshops; and one of the only schools in the nation with a songwriting and improvisation curriculum. Also, all members of our office staff are music teachers available to help parents and students with questions or concerns at any time.

Because lessons are in the convenience and privacy of your Main Line home, not only will you have more time to relax, warm up and get focused beforehand: you will be learning on your own instrument in your personal practice environment. Teachers can help students with their drum, piano and guitar set ups, maintenance and gear. Parents can conveniently listen in on lessons and keep abreast of students progress. Students who have lessons in the comfort of their home feel less rushed and pressured and have more time for homework and other activities.

We take great care in matching each student's personality with a compatible teacher. Lessons are thoughtfully individualized according to the student's personality, learning style and musical preferences using a mix of traditional skills, motivating music and Meridee's unique method/philosophy. You can have a a gigging rock star teacher, or an academic piano performer, a Broadway vocalist ... you name it.

For Unique Learning Styles: Because of Meridee's educational background, she has also designed piano lesson and guitar lesson activities for different learning styles: from ADD & ADHD to Autism, Preschool piano to Gifted Program kids. Materials are designed to capitalize on each learning style's unique strengths and systematically encourage & mentor other areas. Gifted students are encouraged to compose songs and do meta-cognitive activities, preschoolers learn to play right away. Other learners have games and activities to keep things engaging and lively, are given great sounding music patterns to focus in on and diverge from, and have plenty of things to encourage motor planning, sequencing and relating.

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  City Ardmore, PA
  Zip Code 19003
  Address 63 West Lancaster Avenue # 3
  Phone Number (610) 649-2782

Customer Testimonials

We have been with Meridee Winters School of Music for 9 years and 2 children. Their teachers are caring and patient, and always inspire creativity. Meridee Winters teachers always kept lessons fun and interesting by incorporating our childrens' favorite pop/rock music, songwriting, and improvisation into their lessons. While neither of my children will be professional musicians, what they've learned through music (technique, the creative process, and overcoming the anxiety of performing, among other skills) will benefit all aspects of their life.

I can't say enough good things about the boys' piano lessons! I am astounded by how much they are learning! They are only 8 and 5! Not only are they learning and memorizing music, they are learning theory (in an enjoyable way!), they are playing by ear - - but best of all, they are truly enjoying music. It fills my heart to suddenly hear notes playing on the piano! No prodding, no bribing - they just play. I also am impressed by the recitals. I can't believe my kids just get up on stage and play! That is a tribute to the confidence they gain in their lessons as well as the fun, relaxed, and supportive vibe of the recital. And they have such a great format!

My children (4 & 6) have had a wonderful experience with their teacher...and look forward to their weekly lesson. He arrives on time and ready to go with lots of energy to keep the kids focused. We have seen incredible progress and the kids remind us when its time to practice each day.

My 13 year old daughter has been taking lessons here since Kindergarten, and my 11 year old son started two years ago. We've had a few different teachers-- and (the teacher) we have now is simply wonderful-- but the constant variable is the devotion of the school's leadership to growing kids' inner shine. We enjoy interacting with the staff who makes it obvious that meeting us wherever we are is their priority. There is no one who would not thrive in this school because Meridee wisely understands how special each budding musician really is.

We were thrilled with Sarah’s performance at the Halloween show. This was a complicated piece and Amanda worked hard with Sarah to pull it all together and prepare her, not only to know the piece, but to have the courage to perform it in front of the audience. Sarah loves her lessons and has progressed nicely – Amanda has the right amount of patience, toughness (and lots of rewards) to keep Sarah engaged and progressing. She has special bond with our daughter, Sarah.

From Our Website

In her youth, Meridee Winters began her musical life as a cellist. She later took up piano, voice, flute, guitar, and even sitar, while simultaneously nurturing a love of the martial arts and working towards her black belt. Today, she is an explorative and philosophical educator, composer and author, accomplished in many fields of study. Meridee's first teaching experiences were as a founder and instructor of several martial arts schools in Miami, Florida. Upon graduation (and receiving the job offer before even receiving her diploma) Meridee taught 1st, 3rd and 5th grades in a Florida public school, where she discovered the curriculum and school system left little room and freedom for divergence and creativity.

Whether it's songwriting to your ukulele strums, rocking the chords of the latest pop song or letting a musical theater piece fill the room.

Whether your dream is to rock out with your own band or to solo like the jazz greats, at the Meridee Winters School of Music, we offer extraordinary music lessons that are designed just for YOU! We provide the convenience of online or in-home (Main Line, PA) instruction and the highest quality lessons, as well as exclusively trained bass guitar teachers who will tailor your lessons to suit your unique needs. Your chance to shine. You also get several unique performance opportunities each year. Online shows include virtual open mics, a student song-share group and our "Creatapalooza" Festival that features showcases, song contests and a music video film festival.