Began in 2005, Melodic Rhythms is an exceptional collective of musicians. Our mission is to provide private music lesson teachers an opportunity to do what they do finest, teach. Melodic Rhythms is not a retail store and has no physical goods for sale. Instead, Melodic Rhythms is a learning institution where students can learn any instrument that they want.

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  City Belleville, IL
  Zip Code 62220
  Address 110 North High St # 14
  Phone Number (618) 233-0659

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With a decade of excellence and thousands of students taught, you know that you are getting the absolute best with lessons at Melodic Rhythms. Melodic Rhythms and Drum & Percussion Paderborn are proud to annouce world renowned drummer Jost Nickel! Jost will be performing a clinic and performance at the Belleville Philharmonic Hall on Friday December 11th @ 7:00pm.

The saying is that all things popular in music go in a circle. What is in today will be out tomorrow and what was in yesterday will be back in sometime. You can see this progression even in today's music. The current music has an overwhelming 1980's feel to it. The music is heavily produced and the appeal of the artists looks to be more visual than musical. In the 80's that led to the grunge revolt of the 90's in which the artists were not particularly attractive but the music was pure and the focal point of that era.

There are many types of percussion instruments. Some are struck with sticks, some are shook, some are slapped together, and then there are those that are played with your hands. Hand percussion instruments can appear to be very easy to play. It is true that anyone can make a sound with most hand percussion instruments easily, but to play them well can be a difficult, but highly rewarding, experience. The most recognizable of the hand percussion instruments are the congas. The conga, or tumbadora, is a staved wooden or fiberglass shell with a skin head tensioned to the top.

Buying a drum set can be a difficult (and expensive) process if you don't know what you're looking for. The most important aspect of drum set shopping is to know what you actually need. This article is going to look at what is necessary for beginner students to have in a drum set and how to get the best purchase for your money. Most beginning students' needs are very simple. They need a standard 5 piece drum set with hi-hat cymbals and a crash ride. It helps to have an individual ride cymbal and an individual crash cymbal but the crash/rides can work pretty well also.

Enrolling is easy. We do offer a military discount. In support of our military and their families, we offer 1 free lesson (with enrollment). We do not offer multi-student or multi-lesson discounts. We are very fortunate to have the most amazing musicians and teachers at the studios. They have limited availability and cannot offer that discount because of the limited times they have available for lessons. Lessons are given throughout the entire year and can be started at any time. The normal lesson hours are Monday through Friday 1:00-9:00pm and Saturdays 9:00am-4:00pm.