This site is intended to be utilized by anyone interested in improving the use of their voice, whether singing or speaking. The views expressed here are equally beneficial to singers of any style including Opera/Classical, Musical Theater, Pop/Rock, Jazz, as well as Actors, Business Professionals, Public Speakers and sufferers of vocal damage.

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I will guide you through the process of learning to understand how your body is designed to most efficiently produce sound. And how to develop that natural process into a well-functioning musical instrument that will fulfill your intentions and bring your musical ideas to life!

I have a question about something I have just started experiencing. When there is vibrato in the voice, the larynx starts moving slightly up and down - it has never happened to me before, what is that? The bobbing of your larynx is a sign of release. That can be good or not depending on other factors and how severe the movement is. I would say that you should never try to fix it. Think of it as a symptom and work on the overall coordination instead. Ideally the larynx should be stable and the tone steady.

One of the biggest challenges of studying the voice is not being sure what is the right way. So I am offering guidance and explanations of what direction we want to go with our voice. I can help you learn to use your voice better through better understanding of the proper functioning of the body as a musical instrument. If the concepts you see here at interest you and are curious how you can apply them to your voice, let's work together! If you have questions contact me with the form at the bottom of the page.