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The purpose for us at Maurice Arenas Guitar Academy is to give the best possible quality education to students at an affordable price and to propagate the art of music to people of all backgrounds and ages in our community. The students and faculty at MAGA give lots of recitals throughout the year as well as donate money back into the community with charity donations as well as the MAGA Music Scholarships to students that have shown their commitment, talents and hard work in the art of music.

How to find the right teacher in your region- Here are some tips and questions to ask to find a suitable instructor for you:

When you call to find an instructor ask these questions:

1. Educational Background - How many years playing and how many years of formal study qualified music school or conservatory are always good questions to inquire with. A music degree is a great thing for an instructor to have.
2. Reading Ability - Every music instructor should be fluent in sight-reading music. An expert music instructor should be capable of reading music.
3. Music Theory - Every music instructor should be competent in instructing music theory. To know music theory one has to be able to read music.
4. Does the Instructor know the CAGED System? - If the answer is no, you as the student will not understand your instrument as well as you would like to (especially if you wish to transcribe, compose or improvise).
5. Teaching Experience - How many years has the instructor been teaching? How many years has the teacher been playing?
Did the teacher study with someone for years who is competent or is he/she self taught? Is this teacher a full time musician/music instructor or is he/she part time. Part time instructors are typically musical "weekend warrior" types with some limited experience under their belt.
6. Performance Experience - Does the instructor play gigs often? If not he/she is a hobbyist and is not a professional. Do not fool yourself, a hobbyist can never have the training and experience a professional has.
7. Price and lesson policy - Try to find the best deal that you can afford without cheating yourself of any proper training. Always remember you get what you pay for.
8. Ages and Levels accepted - Some instructors only teach from a certain age up, so if you are searching for lessons for a young child please mention this fact to the instructor. Also be sure to ask what levels (beginning, intermediate or advanced) the instructor is best suited for.
9. Genres or styles taught - Always match your goals with your instructor for the most success.
10. Is proper technique taught - If a student has poor technique pain will result, and this pain can result in future injuries.
11. Lesson Scheduling and Lesson Duration - This changes based upon the instructors and the area you currently live in. The majority of studies on the subject highly recommend that music lessons should be taken at least once a week for 30 minutes duration for the most rapid and steady progress. For that reason this studio only accepts students who wish to take weekly lessons.
12. Defined Curriculum (based upon your goals) - Ask the instructor what method books he/she uses to instruct with and see whether they are suitable for your level and match the goals you have. An instructor with no methodology is most certainly not a professional.

Instructors at MAGA
All of our instructors must have years of serious study and continuing performing experience to teach in our studio. We pride ourselves in offering quality instruction and continuing our goal of perfection in our musical craft. Our instructors are also checked periodically if they are fulfilling the students needs and this studios high standards.

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Maurice Arenas


Maurice Arenas - BM , MM, with over 30+ years of playing experience (started music studies at age 4), Founder of Music Department at St. John's, former Director of Music at St. Andrew's, former Music and Guitar Instructor at St. Maria Goretti High School, former NYC studio musician, former Broadway show pit musician on both guitar and bass guitar, clinician for Cumberland Valley School of Music, founder of MAGA and MAGA's Guitar and Bass Curriculum, performs in many venues and genres including freelance work in the PA/MD/VA/WV area. Recently has come back full circle to composition. Currently has an online educational video series with Mike's Master Classes and TrueFire and a book series for publication.

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