I am a classically trained piano teacher in North Atlanta who is in the business of developing young artists and musicians. The musical success of my students drives my passion for excellence. I am always looking to challenge to my students in a clear, simple, practical and highly motivational manner.

In the last five years, I have maintained a highly successful studio of around 50 students, driving to my student's homes in Woodstock, Roswell, Alpharetta, Canton, Marietta and Kennesaw. I have students of all ages and levels. Over half of my students are homeschoolers. Some of my students regularly perform in competitive events throughout the year, many of whom regularly receive first place, honors and awards. Others are not quite at that level and are simply taking lessons to gain a greater appreciation and understanding of music. I welcome all enthusiastic students who are eager to learn.

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  Person Davide Palmer
  City Roswell, GA
  Zip Code 30075
  Phone Number (678) 575-3885

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Davide Palmer

Davide Palmer has been playing the piano for 25 years. He received a full scholarship to enter the Avelino Conservatory of Music in Italy, where he studied several years under Professor Ida Nota. He also gained experience at the prestigious Manhattan School of Music, NY, where he received training under the world-renowned professor, Dr. Solomon Mikowski. He has competed in numerous piano competitions and events, winning in many of them. He has been an active accompanist/soloist for his church for the last 15 years, having played for weddings, funerals, singing groups, and soloists.

Customer Testimonials

We switched to him this year after watching two other neighbors use him. I think he's amazing. He pushes the children to excellence, but he does it in a kind, respectful way. My son (13) is a sensitive boy and he likes Davide and enjoys practicing piano now.

Davide relates well to both our children who are very different from each other. He has made a creative impact on their lives and they come in after school and practice without anyone suggesting they do so.

We are very happy with the training that our daughters have received from Davide. We have seen great progress in a short period of time. We like the way Davide adapts his teaching to the child and what they need as an individual. They enjoy playing the songs that are chosen and the challenge of something other than a standard lesson book that so many other teachers use. One of the complaints that our oldest daughter, Julia, had with her first piano teacher was that she had to learn songs she did not care for by working through a lesson book, one song after another. She loves the way Davide plays several songs for her and asks which one she would like to work on. For our youngest daughter, Jordan, his style of training is helping to improve her concentration. She enjoys his manner and thinks he is funny. Thank you, Davide, for being patience with us and for your expertise in training our daughters for something that will be with them the rest of their lives.

I would like to recommend my teacher, Davide Palmer. I have been playing the piano for the past six years, the last two have been with Mr. Palmer. Under his tutelage I am both encouraged and challenged each week. He teaches by example, helping me to understand the finished music piece as I am learning it. He is very descriptive on what he wants me to improve on. His thoroughness each week continues to develop me into a well rounded pianist. I am both blessed and thankful that Mr. Palmer is my teacher.

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We all know that music has always been an integral part of any culture. Its transcendent potency to literally shape and influence entire societies of people has unquestionably made it one of the top influential forces in any culture. But with the massive influx of musical sharing mediums such as Facebook, YouTube, iTunes, (and the list goes on), our musical exposure has never been at a greater height. Accordingly, taking piano lessons has never been more popular. Music stores, music schools and piano studios are everywhere in Atlanta!