Maryland Bass Lessons accepts students at all levels - whether you're new to the bass or are a seasoned pro looking to fill in some grey areas or are somewhere in between. Learn theory, proper technique, slap/pop, reading, ear training, walking lines, grooving with a drummer, help with songs or getting good tone. MBL owner Dave DeMarco is a Berklee/Peabody alum performing 200+ shows/year with a variety of bands and is a signed, published composer with 25 CD releases. Dave actively works with students to help them land gigs and advance their careers. 2 locations: Baltimore & Silver Spring.

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  Person Maryland Bass Lessons
  City Baltimore, MD
  Phone Number (410) 299-4744

  • I would recommend this business
  • Skype lessons, patience, fluent in all styles, great communicator.

I live in Harford County MD and commute to Baltimore for work. I was dissatisfied with the caliber of local teachers in my area and was excited to see that Dave offered Skype lessons. This is perfect for me since I can do lessons from home and spend more time with the family.

Since my goal is to play in a cover band, we're working on building my stamina with proper technique, ear training, music theory and expanding my repertoire to include funk. Dave is patient, understanding if I ask a lot of questions and always goes the extra mile. His knowledge of the local scene, band politics and the music business in general, is endless. Highly recommended!

Value for moneyI'd gladly pay more, but don't tell Dave!!
Service & supportI can email him with questions between lessons.
QualitySeemingly limitless musical knowledge!
LocationHome lessons! Skype rocks!
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

Dave is a totally awesome instructor. He is both patient and thorough, teaching much more than just the bass lines to the latest tunes. By covering proper technique, reviewing music theory, and how they work within the songs we chose to work on, he helped me gain insight into the process of constructing an appropriate bassline as well as how to play it well. As someone who has worked with a plethora of music instructors since 3 years of age (and I'm older than dirt now), I can honestly say that Dave ranks among the best!

There are two types of bass player / teachers in this world.. Those who are excellent players, and those who are excellent teachers.. Well Dave just happens to be both. Dave also really breaks things down into small parts for those of us who get overwhelmed by challenging styles of music and keeps you from giving up. He takes the fear out of taking on new challenges and is very encouraging. The man knows virtually every style of music and from the first lesson to your last, keeps you on a plan so you know why you are there, and why you are most likely going to use him again. Great personality, very easy to get along with as well.