Ernie Mansfield is a musician with over twenty five years knowledge in the music business. Mansfield Music provides an range of professional music services. Music Lessons Read some others recommendations about Ernie, or 5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Music Lessons.

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By Ernie Mansfield There is a story about Leopold Auer, who was a famous Russian violin teacher. Auer was the teacher of Jascha Heifetz, who later became one of the most famous violinists of our time. Heifetz was the first violinist to perform the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto up to speed. Students - and parents of students - often have concerns about how much time should be devoted to practicing instruments at home. I think it is important to understand that being overly concerned about practice can lead to unnecessary levels of stress, and can actually detract from learning an instrument.

These guidelines will help you have a successful, rewarding experience learning an instrument. These are practical tips that have been discovered from years of teaching-both from my experiences, and those of other teachers. For children, starting at the right age is a key element to the success of their lessons. Some people will tell you "the sooner the better" but this attitude can actually backfire. If a child is put into lessons too soon they may feel overwhelmed and frustrated and want to quit.

When my daughter wanted to learn guitar, we knew we would need a patient, caring instructor. She was a little stage-shy, but at all of Ernie's recitals the students have the option of playing a duet with him and that's what my daughter always elected to do. The twice-yearly recitals were fun, rather than nerve-wracking - which they otherwise would have been. My daughter felt she had a lot of moral support from Ernie; he was never critical or impatient. He was very flexible in letting her choose the music that appealed to her when she became a teenager, and that kept her engaged.

The calendar Open Times are times that are available for new students. Since students give 30-day notice before stopping lessons, you may find additional available times by looking ahead several weeks. Cancellations are times that are temporarily available because a student is sick or is out of town. To submit a request for a Lesson or Lesson Change, please email us, or call (510) 524-2055.

From 1978 to 2006, Mansfield Music-Graphics provided an array of music preparation services for publishers, composers, orchestras, recording artists, authors, and others. Although Mansfield Music-Graphics is no longer "officially" active, this company evolved into what is now Mansfield Music. Ernie Mansfield was in the vanguard of using computer notation apps, developing several specialized music fonts, and contributed to the development of Music Press, created by Alan Talbot. He continues to be the sole dealer for Music Press.