We trust that all music has artistic value. Therefore, we support our students in whatever style and genre they enjoy. We seek to feed into, and build upon their passion, rather than constrain it. Most of all, we believe music should be fun and a continuing source of joy and fulfillment.

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  City Malvern, PA
  Zip Code 19355
  Address 105 E King Strt
  Phone Number (610) 644-7788

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Our staff strives, through our individual lessons, classroom instruction, and small ensembles, to provide our students with a holistic approach to music. We believe that, in order to make great music, students must not only master the technical aspects of their instrument but also learn to listen and interpret. We help students to understand the historical and cultural backdrop that influenced the genre of music in which they are interested. We help them master the technical aspects of their instrument, and gain an understanding of music theory, critical listening, musicianship and notation.

Get your little one started on the right foot with a music group designed for them! Child and a caregiver come together once a week to make music together! Sing, move, and play instruments with activities created to specifically target developmental skills including gross and fine motor, language, creativity, and pre-music knowledge, all wrapped up in FUN! Foster a love for music that can last a lifetime! Music is for everyone! If you or your child has special needs and wants to participate in music lessons, we are here to help!

You'll be matched with the region's best instructors, who will help you to reach your potential and unleash your inner musician. Our unique approach is based on results, and you'll be playing and creating music in no time. Sure, we'll teach you how to play or sing, but you'll also gain the foundation you need to collaborate and play with others. Become a musician for life, and find your own musical voice by scheduling a lesson today. Learn with friends and family members. It's rare to find a musician who aspires to play alone.