Learn to play your favorite songs by ear, read music easily, use correct posture and hand positions to avoid injuries common to pianists, how to memorize your music faultlessly, write your own music, and achieve poise, confidence and stage-presence beginning at the most comfortable and informal setting, and ending on the big stage.

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  Person Lorraine Robinson
  City Ferndale , WA
  Zip Code 98248
  Address 2405-B Douglas Rd
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Lorraine Robinson

Business Owner and Piano Coach

Overwhelmed by pain that prevents you from enjoying your piano practice? Disappointed by music teachers who are critical, or unwilling to accept young students? Wondering if it's possible to relax and enjoy learning, yet still succeed in a program with the highest standards in musical education? Ready to gain success and confidence at your own pace, with your favorite songs and music?

Products & Services

Private Piano Lessons

Lessons are available for adults, children ages 3-12 years old with parental involvement, and children age 13 or older without parental involvement. Here's what you'll learn:

♫ What to listen for in any song so you can accurately play it by ear, even if this isn't your natural ability.
♫ Correct posture and hand positions to avoid injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, back pain, and other issues.
♫ How to read music with zero hesitation, without "counting" the staff lines and piano keys, and without memory aids such as "FACE" or "Every Good Boy Does Fine. "
♫ A simple method to study your music and thoroughly take it apart note by note, resulting in a perfectly memorized piece every time.
♫ How to write your own music and develop your "musical story-telling" skills.
♫ Poise, confidence and stage-presence, beginning from the most comfortable and informal settings, and ending on the big stage.

Promotions & Discounts

Receive a free 20-minute Interview Lesson, or upgrade risk-free to a 40-minute Interview Lesson. You'll be able to decide if my teaching approach is right for you, and get a head start on what you need to know when you decide to enroll.

Use the link below to schedule your Interview Lesson.

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Mesmerizing! Thanks for sharing Whatcom Symphony Orchestra.
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Spotted this little guy out my studio window yesterday while prepping for piano lessons. He was waiting to be serenaded by all of my wonderful students who practiced so impressively over Independence Day break!
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Music is for a lifetime....
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