Private voice lessons and musical instruments training, demo recording audio and video.

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  City Taunton, MA
  Zip Code 02780
  Address 1 Taunton Green
  Phone Number (508) 821-1544

Customer Testimonials

This past spring, I started taking vocal lessons with Larry. The way he works with the vocalist is so effective because he basically pulls you into your body to teach you by helping you visualize the areas needed to strengthen and train every muscle and area within, that helps vocalization to see how each part works. Especially for an artist, like myself, the visual drawings and explanations he uses really make you understand how to mechanize the areas and bring the instrument out.
Being a person who is interested mostly in strengthening my vocal ability to be involved in worship at my church, it is very helpful that Larry is very accomodating and knowledgeable
in the Christian faith and worship aspect as well. I truly am amazed at how well my training with Larry has boosted my confidence and strengthened my voice. I highly recommend Larry Keith to any person looking to learn how to really use the gift they have been given.

He knows what he is teaching and is very effective. I had no speaking voice for over 4 years! !! Larry knew exactly what I needed and what technique to use to help me. I am grateful he is helping me!

Healed and improved my voice after years of struggling due to a thyroid tumor wrapped around my vocal chords that was removed. I have had a dramatic improvement.

From Our Website

Each student will receive individual private lessons catered to their personal needs in order to optimize and reach every singers full vocal potential. We will soon be adding green screen capability where you can pick the background for your video! We follow through to give them well produced ( video portfolios ) of there proficiency which can then later be used as accurate representations of there talents and abilities. The Vocal Release method focuses on first, releasing all restrictive and obstructive muscle tension.