It is our pleasure and honor to continue making our clients dreams come true every day. Our clients are at the middle of all that we do. We have offered this web page with the aim that all who visit will come away with a greater understanding of the unique requirements that each person has for a customized, personalized range of the best instrument for them.

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  City Bremerton, WA
  Zip Code 98311
  Address 5959 State Hiway 303 NE
  Phone Number (360) 565-1118

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Langlois Pianos, in business since 1865, is the oldest family-run business in the state of Washington. Now in its fifth generation, in a time where only 30% of family companies survive to the second generation, Langlois Pianos is celebrating over 100 years in business. Ira talks about pianos like they are people: You have to treat a piano like a whole. Most are abused and don't receive real proper care. He thinks his family's business has lasted so long because it is about the joy of bringing a piano to its full potential.

Here at Langlois Pianos we are committed to making new and used piano sales a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Excellent service is at the heart of everything we do, we strongly believe that the customer is the most important part of any purchase. Call 360-509-4652 to talk with us. To help educate my clients I will help you gauge each individual type of piano performance. Remember, grade of piano and condition can make significant difference in the performance. We will educate you on the levels and quality of every piano you try! Be sure to read my article on How to Buy a Piano, it is available for download as a PDF here.