To promote a child's music development, parents need to enthusiastically model singing and dancing, and to interact musically with their child. The Music Class curriculum is used around the world. Find a class in your area and get your child began! Our materials are created to stimulate young minds. They include a huge range of musical scales, rhythms, instruments and styles.

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We embrace and celebrate inclusion in our classrooms and our music. We take our role as early childhood educators very seriously, and feel that it is our duty to speak up and stand with our Black families, musicians, friends, and the entire Black community. We have always strived for inclusivity and diversity in our musical collections with the goal of exposing children to other cultures, while also honoring those cultures. Music is a powerful force in the world, and our work with the very youngest members of our society makes it even more important for TMC to encourage inclusion, respect, and compassion.

The Music Class Inc (TMC), an international music education program, was founded by Rob Sayer in Atlanta, GA in 1998. Since that time our Atlanta center has been making music with over 1600 families every week, making it the largest early childhood music education center in the United States. The Music Class offers research-based educational programs with the goal of helping parents and teachers to enhance their child's music development during the critical first years of life. While our focus has always been on music development, our programs also foster social and intellectual development.

Looking for a fun, interactive music class for babies, toddlers, and big kids? Try one of our Music Classes free for the whole family! Each of these special events features a different musician showcasing their instrument and musical style in a highly engaging and interactive class format. Come sing, dance, bang on drums, jump around, and cultivate your child's love of music with other families from all over the world! Rob Sayer, founder of The Music Class, personally leads these events using our award-winning songs and research-based curriculum.

There are large early childhood music education companies that aggressively market, tour and train potential teachers to grow their business as large and as fast as possible. The Music Class is not one of those companies. We are a family-owned business - passionate about creating quality music education programs, providing outstanding customer service, and maintaining joyful businesses for ourselves and our partners. By prioritizing quality instead of aggressive growth, our business has naturally expanded across the globe through recommendations from our happy students, teachers, and business partners.

In addition to our Interactive Classes and Events, TMC is excited to offer free educational content to our families! Explore the music, videos and more that we have available to enjoy right now! Our signature collections, On The Road with The Music Class and The Lullaby Collection, are now available for download or streaming by many of your favorite music providers like Apple Music, Amazon and Spotify. Take a listen! With The Music Class, the learning doesn't stop just because class is over. Each week we share fun and educational content on our "Music Notes" blog to enhance your TMC experience!

The Music Class Inc. (TMC) is an early childhood music education company designed to unleash the musical potential of young children. Featuring our award-winning music, engaging activities, teacher training, and curricula, TMC provides a high standard of excellence in the field of early childhood music education.

Through our virtual classes and educational content, The Music Class is able to offer a safe, INTERACTIVE and fun at-home learning option. The Music Class At Home interactive classes offer families an authentic Music Class experience with weekly 30-minute classes lead by a TMC instructor and small group of other Music Class families. With our online classes, families will be able to communicate with their instructor and the others members of their class for a truly interactive and engaging at-home option!

If you are taking classes at one of our affiliated centers outside of Atlanta Ga that uses this website to accept registrations, please contact your local center from the list below.