Teaching community oriented group music classes and lessons for all ages, Kutandara Center uses African styles as a vehicle for everyone to experience the joy of music. Based in Boulder, Colorado, we serve a huge array of diverse groups while celebrating cultural exchange and community music-making.

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  City Boulder, CO
  Zip Code 80301
  Address 5401 Western Avn # B
  Phone Number (303) 443-2969

From Our Website

We are offering the option of remote participation for all classes so that everyone can participate safely. Need technical support? We're here to help with access, audio settings, software, and hardware. We are providing instruments for local, remote students to use so that everyone can participate! Request a marimba, djembe, or conga today. We can deliver to your home or leave for you at Kutandara to pick up. We've launched the #kutandaraplaysmarimba project to keep us all connected and to allow us to all play together by all learning and jamming on the same song.

We believe that our music inspires, transforms, and connects us to each other and our world. Our directors, Randy McIntosh and Amy Stewart McIntosh, formed Kutandara in 1999 after falling in love with Zimbabwean music and wanting to share their passion for this music with others. When you participate in a class at Kutandara, you learn more than just music. You learn critical thinking skills, develop higher cognitive skills, and increase your ability to analyze and evaluate information. Teamwork and conflict resolution skills develop naturally and you enjoy the healthy, positive activity of music with new friends.

In our level 2 Zebra and Hippo classes, we are finding the main note chords (C major) and passing chords (D minor) on all the marimbas. We are learning about other chords on the marimba, too! We are learning about the relationship between basic patterns and harmony patterns in Zimbabwean-style marimba music, and are figuring out how to find one if we know the other. We are learning to play syncopated chords and basic running lines while stepping to the beat comfortably, and learning how to fit parts together that do not start on the same beat.