Kurt Heisig Music was established in 1968. We have always sold the finest in professional instruments to top players all around the world, including one that went into space on the space shuttle Challenger with Dr Ron McNair, one of Mr Heisig's students.

Our students have always done very well, including taking first in the state on both woodwinds and brass and many have gone on to top professional positions, including Tom Politzer soloist with Tower of Power.

To help our students and community, we have always sold fine instruments. With a good instrument the student learns faster. In recent years many of the big name companies have just stopped making good instruments. To solve the need of students and pros to have good instruments Mr Heisig has brought out a line of quality instruments at very affordable prices.

Come in and try them!! You will be delightfully surprised.

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Kurt Heisig


Mr heisig has studied with many of the world's finest teachers. Saxophone - Al Anthony - Ray Pizzi - Bill Trimble - Harvey Pittel, and clinics with Sigurd Rascher and Joe Allard. Clarinet - Clement Hutchinson. Flute - Joan Butterfield, Alvin Cromwell, Oboe - W W Sorenson, Brasses - Carl Leach and Claude Gordon, Woodwind concepts - Stephen Adelstein. Industry concepts, Mouthpiece Making, and woodwind design - Ralph Morgan

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Instrumental Lessons

We teach all styles of music. The essential thing is that the student plays musically and acoustically CORRECTLY.

Mr. Heisig has been a university teacher of both woodwinds and brasses.

See Mr. Heisig's teachers and students for further info.


With the brasses we teach the Herbert L Clarke - Claude Gordon System of brass teaching. This is the finest system in the world and both Dr Gordon and his top protege Carl Leach have been on the faculty at Kurt Heisig Music.

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We brought our son's alto to Kurt to fix the octave key. Not only did Kurt fix it, he gave the horn a huge tune-up, and at a fair price. Kurt's a true master at his craft.

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Best lessons.

Value for money
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Customer Testimonials

I find this to be a gem of the Bay Area. The owner is extremely personable, knowledgeable and is a business I have no problem supporting by patronage.

The best technician I've met to date. I drove all the way down from the East Bay to see him for some custom reeds. As far as Im concerned, I've never played a batch of reeds until meeting Kurt. He'll cut them and work with you on every reed from any vintage in his stock until it each one absolutely SINGS. He has a lifetime worth of knowledge and experience. Get your sound you've always wanted with Kurt!

We are new to the area and needed to get my daughters flute adjusted/ tuned and also my nephews alto sax... knowing little about instruments myself and reading so many bad reviews I made a call to Kurt who came up on a search for teaching with excellent reviews! I brought our flute and sax in and he really is amazing! so much knowledge, even gave teaching advice throughout the process, when he was done with my daughters flute she stated even brand new it didn't play this good! Sax sounds beautiful and the adjustment was in a snap!
Thank you again Kurt~ truly a professional and knowledgeable person. We will be coming here for all our instrument needs and lessons if needed!

From Our Website

We opened in 1968 in San Jose and then had two stores in Saratoga and Santa Cruz for almost 30 years, before moving to Pacific Grove and Monterey. Our owner is a master craftsman, soloist, conductor and teacher with students playing worldwide. Our goals have always been to provide the finest in instruments, mouthpieces, reeds, teaching, repairs and accessories. We have always been performance oriented and have many fine performance groups associated with our stores. We have always been teaching oriented.

The oldest picture we have of the HASTINGS BAND is from 1886, but have found reference to the band in Santa Cruz history as early as 1885. We can provide a concert of wonderful old Overtures and Grand Marches, or an evening of marches. We have Strauss Waltzes and Ragtime. We have about a thousand arrangements.

Along the way on instrument after instrument we have been faced with "Can you make my C better?", or "It's just too stuffy." As the youngest Benge Agent in the country, in 1972, I used to take Benge and Schilke trumpets to Chris Bogios from the San Francisco Symphony to test them. He taught my roommate trumpet at San Jose State. I would test them myself before and after until I could know just what he would say every time. Along the way, I started to realize that even GREAT factory horns, would have minor problems in them.

We started selling trumpets in 1968. I soon became the youngest Benge Agent in the world and we added Schilke to the line. It was very heady for a young man to frequently talk to and work with the retired First Trumpet of the Chicago Symphony, Renold Schilke! The next good horn was the Claude Gordon model of the Benge. The Claude Gordon Benge was the best horn made by Benge. I remember that one year Carl Leach and I sold 42 or 44 of them - in ONE year, out of my old San Jose store on Delmas. As time went we also introduced to the area Centurion, a pro horn disguised in a student price, the Besson-Kanstul, Kanstul, Boosey & Hawkes, Martin (modern version from Leblanc) and finally the ultimate horn ever made, the Claude Gordon Selmer (The story of it's birth will be under "Stories" soon.)

Claude had been teaching for 13 years, one week a month in Larry Souza's great store on the Peninsula and Claude came to our store at the end of that week to teach the course. The next month Larry lost his lease and we had the honor to have Claude teaching in our store the class and all of his Northern California students for the next 8 years. Claude Gordon (April 5, 1916 - May 16, 1996) Grew up in Helena Montana. He grew up playing cornet in his families band, played as a soloist in his high school band at age 8, and in his family orchestra.

Our owner is a Master Craftsman who Is a Master Repairman, Master Mouthpiece Maker, and Instrument Maker. He was also trained as a Big Band Player, Concert Artist, and Symphony Player. Mr. Heisig has taught over 55 years and his students play professionally all over the world on both woodwind and brass instruments. We believe in old-fashioned COMPETENT expertise in all areas of what we do. 60 years ago this was normal across the country in many cities. Today the industry has lost its' way and for the most part no longer makes good instruments.

These have been compared very favorably against the popular 4 and 5 thousand dollar horns. The standard HEISIG flute is the model that we sell the most of and has been outplaying flutes that sell for 3 -4,000 thousand dollars. We feel that this sax will more than compare favorably to any modern horn and will sit in a section with THE VINTAGE BIG NAME HORN AND MODEL and do very well. We think you will find this more flexible and easier blowing than even THE FAMOUS model big name horn. In 55 years of repairing I have played a tremendous number of great horns but nothing has been as much FUN as this sax!

We will add things from time to time, and since many of them are important musical events, you may find it worthwhile reading. It will be periodically updated. It may be long, rambling and disjunct, but after 50 years in business we have seen and made some history in music. Some will be delighted to find nuggets here. I have put this section off, not wanting to be rambling, but dozens of people keep asking me to record these stories. When I asked Ron why he chose me to work with him, he said to me: "You knew more than anyone else."