A voice is like a fingerprint; no two are the same. Studying voice is not just about your larynx but truly involves the whole of who you are! A rich, expressive voice requires your whole body, your imagination and the courage to reveal your most authentic self. Helping singers and speakers of all ages to cultivate their individual voices is as fascinating to me as it is rewarding. My students develop on a technique level, no doubt, but this work also generates confidence and an understanding of the rewards of commitment and discipline. Those are life-long benefits.

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Kris Danford Voice Studio

Kris is a voice teacher and coach, working with both singers and speakers. She is also an actor, a classically trained vocalist and a certified Associate teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework. Her approach to vocal production is rooted in classical bel canto singing technique and Fitzmaurice Voicework. She holds an MFA in Acting from the FSU/Asolo Conservatory for Actor Training and a BFA in Musical Theatre from the State University of New York at Fredonia. As an actor, she has professional experience in both musical and straight theatre and has performed in New York and regionally. Kris is a member of Actors Equity Association as well as the Voice and Speech Trainers Association and Iowa Music Teachers Association.

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Kris was originally trained in bel canto technique, the singing method that originated in Italian opera and which strengthens and coordinates the voice without strain. She was later introduced to Fitzmaurice Voicework® which has its origins partly in bel canto. She was delighted to discover that these two approaches work seamlessly together, developing a technique for singing that is healthy, efficient and fully grounded in the performer's body.

Kris's expertise as a vocalist is in musical theatre. As a genre, musical theatre is incredibly diverse and demands adaptable, skilled vocalists. However, regardless of your stylistic interests, a classical vocal foundation is the best place to begin. It affords a student an understanding of breath and how the voice functions. To facilitate that learning, students typically begin with classical repertoire and "legit" singing. If you can sing classically, you can use those tools to accomplish anything vocally! Once that groundwork is laid (and according to the student's interests) , we move into other repertoire with specific stylistic requirements - including belting - in a way that is healthy and sustainable. Throughout, Fitzmaurice technique is integrated into lessons, creating a truly holistic approach to voice work.

Depending on the individual's goals, working on songs from an acting and interpretation perspective can be an important piece of the process. As a professional, classically trained actor, Kris helps students bring their pieces to life with specificity, commitment and emotional truth.

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Kris is the best voice teacher I have ever worked with. After every session I could hear and feel improvements with my voice. She helped me expand my range to places I never thought it could go. If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with her, TAKE IT!

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The great thing about working with Kris is her ability to adjust to the needs of her students. She has a natural talent for working with people, especially beginners, and she is very good at explaining the concepts of the voice. I would highly recommend working with Kris. She genuinely understands the voice.

As someone who once went to speech therapy for my R sounds, thanks to Kris, I can now confidently speak in many dialects, including Standard RP, Polish, Central Texas, Russian and General American. I have experienced tremendous growth in my singing, overall vocal production, and knowledge of voice and speech since working with Kris. Not only is she delightful to work with, but also her teaching is clear, direct and dynamic to help you get the best results without using what isn't necessary.

Kris has a way of knowing my voice better than I know it myself. She certainly led me to finding my true voice and healthiest voice. Her background in performance along with her expertise in all things vocal (speaking and singing) promises an effectively holistic approach to singing.

Kris is an excellent teacher, and will prepare you in a straight forward way that is honest and encouraging. She gave me courage to find the confidence to be successful in this cut throat entertainment business, and I will always be grateful to her. I now have my own production company and have starred in my first feature film. :)

A truly inspiring voice coach. Kris is a wonderful teacher and has taught me so much. Anyone looking for lessons would be lucky to have her.

Kris is a very engaging instructor and very comfortable to work with. I have worked with her on musical productions as well as on dialects. Her instruction and training has continued to help me throughout my budding career in NYC. I have used her training both in auditions and performance jobs beyond my college education.

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Summer has begun! I still have some open studio slots for summer voice lessons. Pass the word along to anyone who might be interested. Thanks all!
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