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  • An open approach to learning music based on tone. Students get lots of support and encouragement.

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  • Massachusetts, Littleton, Acton, Marlborough, Groton, Concord, Westford

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  Person Kelly's Music & More
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Kelly's Music & More


Kelly Shepherd is a dedicated professional musician and teacher with over 25 years in music. He has performed and recorded with some of the very best names in jazz and he is an equally devoted teacher to his cherished students. As a child, Kelly was exposed to all styles of music and performance from his father who was a musician. Kelly started his formal musical studies at Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore, Md at the age of 10. At age 13, Kelly auditioned for and was accepted into The Baltimore School for the Performing Arts. While studying classical saxophone with Dr. Chris Ford at BSA, he would frequently visit his father, a jazz singer, in New York City. In New York, he was around and learned from the best musicians in the world with whom his father was working. This way, Kelly was taught both formally and informally. He also entered the traditional oral and aural rites of passage essential to jazz musicians. By spending time with and playing in informal jam sessions with older great musicians, the spirit of the music is passed on to younger generations. He started learning from and being mentored outside of formal school settings by jazz saxophone masters Junior Cook and Gary Bartz. During high school Kelly met a friend and teacher for life in Jamal Wilson. Mr. Wilson mentored and taught Kelly about many things. He introduced Kelly to a technique for tone production aimed at playing with a healing sound.

Products & Services

Private Lessons

All private lessons are individually tailored to each student's musical tastes and needs. We cover a variety of styles, including pop, jazz and classical. Lessons are planned according to each student's pace. Student's are often accompanied by me. Most of my students are between the ages of 5 - 18.

Groups Lessons & Ensembles

Playing in ensembles with others helps all musicians to grow by teaching the musician how to blend sounds and interact musically. Because you feed off the energy of others, in the right setting, you grow exponentially compared to always playing by yourself. To fill this important aspect of musical growth we have several ensembles and offer a variety of group lessons.

Customer Testimonials

My son, Kevin, has been taking music lessons with Kelly for several years. Kelly has given Kevin the freedom to explore different instruments and different styles of music.
This has helped Kevin develop a real passion for music. My son currently plays guitar, trumpet, piano, and does some singing. Kelly allows the children to develop their skills without making music a chore or too stressful. Kevin never complains about going to lessons. He looks forward to every one! I would never go anywhere else and recommend Kelly with every chance I get.

Our experience at Kelly's Music and More has been tremendous. We've tried other music schools, but found them to be too "stiff". Kelly shows the kids that learning an instrument (or several instruments) can be fun! He teaches them how to feel the music they are playing and guides them to where they actually want to go. We started at Kelly's with one member of our family. We now have 3 family members there learning a total of 5 instruments! We wouldn't go anywhere else.

I have been a part of Kelly's Music and More for a few years now. These past few years of playing music and making memories have been the best few years of my life. Not only is the music amazing but you learn so much more. Being a part of the school is awesome. Every time I'm there we not only play music but we learn about the music. Kelly is an amazing musician as well as an amazing teacher. He has guided me through my musical career and I couldn't be more thankful for that. Kelly has a passion for teaching and music and it shows through every lesson I have. He has taught me so much about music but also so much about being a good person. I couldn't ask for a better teacher. Kelly not only teaches all of his students but he also builds a relationship between all the musicians in the school. Kelly's music and more is so unique compared to other music schools. He doesn't just teach each individual kids. He brings us all together to play and become friends. He puts together events at the school that brings together all aged musicians to play. These are my favorite events because all the kids and teenagers and adults learn from each other while playing together. Not to mention that the music also sounds amazing. Kelly's music and more is the best music school around. I have learned so much and made so many memories with everyone that goes to the school. Kelly is the best mentor and teacher any musician could ask for. This school is great for all ages and will grow your musical abilities very quickly. I love this school and it will always be a part of me.


Wake Me Up When September Ends

Justyn Shepherd, 7th grade, sings Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day with Karen Carpenter, Charlie Parker, and Clifford Brown looking on.

Justyn Shepherd 7th grade - Vocals/Bass
Victoria Bourque 11th grade - Keyboard/Violin
Kevin MacDonald 7th grade - Guitar
Jim McCarthy - Keyboard
Nick Mosca - Drums
Mike Mosca - Vocals/Solo Guitar
Kelly Shepherd - Keyboard

"LIKE A STAR" Corrine Bailey by Emma Wilson

LIKE A STAR by Corrine Bailey performed by Emma Wilson - vocals 4th grade
Joseph Pearse - bass 5th grade
Justyn Shepherd - keyboard 8th grade
Mike Mosca - guitar, teacher

Our first rehearsal of "Like a Star" with Emma singing, Joseph on bass and Justyn on keyboards. They are all fantastic young musicians and great kids!

Olivia Valle - Begin Again

Olivia is in third grade and is an extremely talented musician. She started only a couple months ago and is moving quickly on the keyboard! Her singing is fantastic! Here she is singing Begin Again by Taylor Swift. She has a true love for music and the future is bright for her!

I Will Follow You Into The Dark - Death Cab For Cutie

I Will Follow You Into The Dark sung by Phaedra Delessio! Phaedra is a natural musician and performer. She took very quickly to the piano and ukulele and she is an incredible singer. Enjoy the music!

From Our Website

Our teaching philosophy is based on a very personal approach tailored for every student. The cornerstones of our teaching method are: encouragement, support, patience, listening and, most importantly, having fun "playing". Building a rapport with our students is key. One important goal achieved in each lesson is the student getting a chance to hear themselves sounding good in the music. It is important to us that each student enjoy their lessons. That being said, we want to make some good music in every lesson.