Gentle and comfortable enough to be Easy Listening, Kate's style is rich enough and thoughtful enough to be categorized as Contemporary Classical and dramatically emotional enough to remind one of film scores. Please stay awhile and enjoy pretty and soothing music, deep in symphonic complexity.

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Open to guidance and inspiration with this 7 1/2 minute track - a four minute spoken visualization leads to "Hoku Pa'a" (Hawaiian for "North Star") on piano: $1.01. Not an instant download : A human being will send you an email with the mp3. Original music and one cover, solo piano and piano with flute, saxophone, strings and percussion.

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The Creative Method TM Great article about techniques for skill development - also known as practicing! As a composer, when I began teaching I naturally incorporated teaching scales and chords, and then used the scales and chords to create music with my students. This approach, combined with standard note-reading and performance, offers students the full benefits of a traditional music education plus a thorough and extensive immersion in the language of music through creating music and performing their creations - on their own with guidance from their teacher, as well as in groups.

One hour workshop which includes an in-depth Connect & Glow guided meditation and the Connect & Glow version of the Hawaiian forgiveness practice, Ho'oponopono - "make right." We may want to forgive, but don't know how to forgive. This practice is simple - but not simplistic - and effective. Course meets twice, June 24 and July 8. Live online classes which cover: How to introduce scales from the very beginning Simple compositional techniques which transform a short theme into an entire piece of music Why it's important to begin with root position triads, and when to introduce inversions Harmonizing melodies When to introduce 7th chords and arpeggios Using rhythms with scales and arpeggios to strengthen technique How to do simple improvisation.

Moody brings vast musical experience as well as knowledge to her music, making it much more than pop or background music while staying accessible and easy to grasp. Emotionally rich and full of grace, the music is soothing and calming yet complex enough to reveal new thing each time it is heard. Just letting you know how much myself and the listeners to Classical Faire have enjoyed the music from The Seeker. You found the love of music in a child and helped it grow like a garden flower. Your patience and skill have nurtured his hidden talent that we enjoy in every incredible performance.