Blending diverse rhythmic styles into the mainstream scene with good taste has been Tim Kane's forte as a musician for more than 30 years.

Professional musicians define him as "intuitive" and a "songwriter's drummer." Kane considers those kind words both gracious compliments and reality. His humble approach to the drumset has always been about complementing the music, and more importantly, keeping solid time while laying down a cool groove. Today, he feels lucky to have a diverse range of experiences to draw from as a working professional drummer.

Kane began drumming and playing trombone in fourth grade and studied through college, formally trained in jazz, concert and marching bands. He studied and performed with a jazz quintet a few years back at the well-respected Indian Hill Music Center in Littleton, Mass. He also played trombone in various school bands for 12 years. He knows the bass clef and how to sight read.

Though he minored in music at Fitchburg State College, Kane treated it like a Master's program. His collegiate playing involved everything from school jazz ensembles and concert bands to alternative rock, funk and jam bands. He was certainly hitting the skins a lot more than the books.

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  Person Tim Kane
  City Sturbridge, MA
  Zip Code 01506
  Address 195 Rice Corner Road on the Brookfield/ Sturbridge border
  Phone Number (413) 813-5350

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Tim Kane

Kane composes and plays his own songs on guitar, piano, trombone and drums, and has a full album available for listening on this web site under the MP3 tab.

Inspired early on by music from such artists as Rush, Dave Brubeck, Van Halen, Fleetwood Mac, Genesis, Steely Dan, Chicago, Sting, Police, Buddy Rich and the Allman Brothers, Kane finds many musicians compare his approach to that of international studio guru Steve Gadd.

While "I'm certainly no Steve Gadd," Kane does respect and practice his mantra of playing in the pocket, finding a groove and not overplaying. He works as a writer and editor for area newspaper publications, and is married with two beautiful baby boys.

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Tim Kane, Drummer for Hire

Tim Kane, Drummer for Hire

Like most professional freelance musicians, I am not bound to any one band so I offer live gig services playing out as a fill-in drummer in the central New England area.

With very little notice, I can fill-in for your club date, private party, or concert gig. Call 508-867-5985, 413-813-5350, or email tdkane@charter. net to inquire about my availability.

I possess the good ears ability to just show up and perform pro level drum parts. I can also sight read, and my skills are attuned to a variety of styles, including jazz, funk, rock, R&B and folk music for both originals and cover songs.

I possess only high quality, professional, and attractive equipment as well as all the necessary drum microphones and cords, if needed.

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Long before the advent of the modern day drummer in America and women's incredible contributions leading that movement, our country enjoyed early female drumming pioneers the likes of Viola Smith (ne Schmitz). Born November 29, 1912 in Wisconsin, Viola was the first professional female jazz drummer and noted for using up to 15 drums in her trap set. Many of the early percussion instrument choices Viola used on her trap kit with her first family band the Smith Sisters are the same ones used today by jazz/rock drummers and in group drum circles.