Kailua Music School is situated at 131 Hekili Street, #209 behind Boots & Kimo's. We supply the best quality music education for all ages and levels.

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  City Kailua, HI
  Zip Code 96734
  Address 145 Hekili Street # A1
  Phone Number (808) 261-6142

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Updated the Almost Honest Impulses for more of a high gain sound using the TSE-X50 Here are the new impulses, one left and one right with the designation "X50" in their titles to distinguish them from the older impulses Here is what they sound like Here is a REAPER RFX Chain, of both of the. To me, one of the Holy Grails of guitar sounds is at the beginning of Megadeth's Almost Honest. I created two impulses based on this with the results you hear above. You can download the impulses here, one left and one right and put them in your favorite impulse loader.