Traveling Music Instructor, serving Loudoun County, VA and Jefferson County WV. Specializing in Piano, Guitar and Harp. All ages and levels welcome. Eleven years professional experience in teaching technique, performance and theory. A variety of musical styles taught. Available to teach in your home or mine.

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  • Loudoun County, Va, Jefferson County and Eastern Panhandle of WV

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  Person Juliana
  City Harpers Ferry, WV
  Zip Code 25425
  Address 137 Lower Clubhouse Drive
  Phone Number (304) 461-7735

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Juliana has been teaching professionally since 2003. She currently takes on students in the NW Virginia / West Virginia Panhandle area, conducting 1/2 hour and 1 hour lessons in their homes, with as little as a one month commitment. For Juliana teaching is not a career as much as it genuinely feels like a calling. The music speaks to her and that connection shows in every minute of her instruction.

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The guitar is widely played in the folk and popular music of many countries. In jazz ensembles it is part of the rhythm section and is played as a solo instrument. It is a much admired instument with a warm and inviting sound. The guitar is a fun instrument to learn and is well suited for all sorts of music. Some guitar students choose to forgo learning to read music and instead learn to read guitar tablature and play by ear. Gutiar tablature is a system of sharing music with fellow guitarists that is quite a bit simpler than music notation. The basics of music theory would still be taught in any case so that the student gains the ability to construct chords and transpose music from one key to another.



The harp is a uniquely beautiful instrument with a history as deep and rich as its sound. The harp dates back to earlier than a thousand years B. C. E. and played a large role in the Bardic traditions of the ancient Celts. Some of the earliest representations of the harps were found sculpted in stone in Scotland dating from the eighth or ninth century. I provide lessons on the Lever Harp rather than Pedal Harp. I welcome your inquiry on the harp lessons I provide.