The piano/music instructor, Judy Huang has great passion for piano teaching. She has invested her time and thought into it. She would like her students to enjoy, understand, and bring the ARTISTRY of music into their life. Judy explains why we need to have a good posture and awareness of how our physical parts work together, why we need to have a flexible wrist to play arpeggios, why we push our elbows out to play big chords, why we use different weight transfer to the hands, why we don't attack notes, why we rock back and forth to play tremolos, why we bring the melody out rather than just make sound out through different pitches, and etc.

Piano studying is not only about learning the notations but also expressions, interpretations, phrasing, structures, tonal relationships, mood, articulations, analysis, and etc. Judy includes some music history in association with the pieces the students are learning to play, besides the theory and structure of it. She would ask her students to find any patterns in the pieces and any differences between the same or similar passages. She often asks students to tell her what they can find throughout the pieces based on the knowledge they have and what they have acquired through the lessons. She asks them to listen while playing and train them to listen. When they make mistakes, they likely do notice the weirdness about them through listening the sound. She imitates HOW they play a passage and HOW she plays it, and ask them what the differences are in terms of techniques and artistic interpretation. She explains how the students should practice and how they can tackle and isolate a problematic area.

Piano lessons include theory, ear-training, sight-reading, history, technique, performance, interpretation, and artistry. For youngsters, all genres of music are introduced, despite the fact that classical music is concentrated. On the other hands, adult students can have their preferences.

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  • Piano

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  • Music Teacher National Association
  • National Federation Music Club
  • Georgia Music Teacher Association
  • Gwinnett County Music Teacher Association

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  • Suwanee, GA; Sugar Hill, GA; Buford, GA; Norcross, GA; Lilburn, GA

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  Person Judy Huang
  City Buford , GA
  Zip Code 30518
  Address 1180 Sycamore Creek Trail
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Judy Huang

music instructor

The instructor, Judy Huang, graduated from Queens College, the City University of New York, with BA in Music. She taught piano at Amadeus Music School and The Royal Conservatory in New York. She moved to the South, and formerly taught private piano lessons at Griffin School for the Arts. Then, private piano lessons were given at Judy's home studio in Griffin, GA. Judy is currently teaching in Sugar Hill. Judy's versatile teaching styles, positive attitudes, and great passions for music and teaching are affirmed.