Judy Rodman has several decades of professional success in the music business. Her products and services for other singers and speakers give immediate, quantifiable results because of her experience in what WORKS, not just in theory but in practical application on stage and in studio.

She developed her own method of vocal training, trademarked "Power, Path & Performance". With this method, she works with everyone from beginning singers to professional recording artists and live performers. Her work helps singers and speakers discover, heal, maximize and protect their most valuable vocal investment - the VOICE.

Her recording services are known for getting the uniqueness and excellence of each artist, and her professional work ethic helps ensure the project stays on budget. She knows the practical nature of the business, and regularly posts about "All Things Vocal" on her website blog. For testimonials and references, check her website.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Vocal Training Products
  • Personal Vocal Lessons
  • Vocal Seminars, Workshops and Guest Speaker Services
  • Recording Services, including track and/or vocal production and background vocals
  • Live Concerts and Entertainment
  • Music Director "Runaway Home" musical, webisode and movie franchise

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  • AFTRA, SAG, AFofM, The Modern Vocalist.com Subject Matter Expert, Indie Connect

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  • Cash Only, Money Orders, PayPal, Personal Checks

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  Person Judy Rodman/ Power, Path & Performance Vocal Training
  City Nashville, TN
  Zip Code 37211
  Address 308 Cody Hill Place
  Phone Number (615) 347-5195

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Judy Rodman/ Power, Path & Performance Vocal Training


Judy Rodman has decades of success in the music business, including #1 records as recording artist and songwriter. She works with all levels of singers and speakers, including hit recording artists, as vocal coach, background singer and producer. She works as a team member of other production companies as vocal producer and/or consultant. She is currently working on an upcoming webisode series called "Runaway Home" as music director and songwriter. For a listing of her extensive credits, see her website's "About Judy" page.

Products & Services

Power, Path & Performance Vocal Training 6-CD package

A highly effective, comprehensive 6-cd packaged course in Power, Path & Performance professional vocal training. With the 6-cd package, you will receive:

* Two audio CDs, from which you'll learn the method's basis
* Three audio CDs with vocal exercises
* One video CD-ROM, viewable on Windows Medial Player, of Judy demonstrating the exercises (45 minutes)
* 11 color illustrations
* Male and female vocal routines
* Sounds effects and humor to make your intense learning fun!

Power, Path and Performance features the vocal instruction method developed by pro coach Judy Rodman in three essential areas necessary to master your voice.

Power: Discover how to breathe correctly, understand your voice's engine and sing with extraordinary control, strength and volume.

Path: Learn how to keep your throat open and easy, maintaining your power without
straining your vocal cords.

Performance: Develop your ability to your audience to tears, joy or profound reflection by entering
the song and making it real.

Using tools of anatomy, imagery and vocal exercises to connect the mind and body to the voice, you'll reap the following rewards:

* A powerful yet controlled voice with no vocal-cord strain
* Pitch accuracy and vocal lick ease (stylized ad-lib or embellishment)
* Evenness of volume and intensity yet passionate and believable delivery
* Healed vocal breaks (unwanted yodels) and blended registers (high and low voices)
* Vocal uniqueness from access to one's own resonances
* Floating, sustained tones
* Expanded vocal range
* Freedom of expression due to lack of tension and fear
* Confidence and joy in the ability to communicate and to move the heart

Who Benefits?

Beginners, highly advanced professionals and even classical vocalists desiring a more contemporary sound will benefit from this ultimate vocal technique. Public speakers will gain powerful yet pleasant, communicative voices that are not easily fatigued.

Power, Path and Performance starts working quickly but can be studied for a lifetime, as the concepts become clearer and the techniques more entrenched in muscle memory.

Power, Path & Performance Vocal Training 1-CD condensed course

1 CD of vocal training that can take your voice to the next level in less than one hour!

Pro coach Judy Rodman offers this condensed course of her "Power, Path & Performance" vocal training method as a physical product or now as an instant download.

Packed into this CD:
* A summary of the principles behind "Power, Path & Performance; teaching about the breath, open throat and communication techniques that lead to practical, noticeable increases in vocal ability and minimizing of vocal strain.
* A vocal assessment. walks you through diagnosing your own vocal strengths and weaknesses.
* A vocal warm-up. incredibly effective vocal exercises.

Author Judy Rodman has over 3 decades of award-winning success as vocal coach, singer, performer, writer and producer.

Vocal Lessons with pro coach Judy Rodman

phone or personal $100 hr, $50 1/2 hr
Vocal Lessons with pro coach Judy Rodman

Through a lifetime of singing and performing, Judy Rodman developed a healthy, powerful and controlled vocal technique that has brought her critical acclaim and commercial success. Now she has crystallized her experience and expertise into a synergistic vocal teaching method she has trademarked Power, Path & Performance.

Judy's vocal lessons are proven effective, acclaimed by doctors, recording artists, public speakers and music industry professionals. Her teaching strengths include her experience, her understanding of the fine details of the vocal process, her intuition in diagnosing problems and her creative approach to finding solutions.

"Strength and clarity in their voice and a relaxed, natural delivery. That's the signature of a recording artist who has trained with voice coach, Judy Rodman. I work with recording artists staging their tours and coaching their live performance and believe me, there is a huge difference between singing a song and being a singer. Judy is that difference. It is more than her wealth of knowledge about how the voice works, it is her unique ability to reach inside an artist and bring out talent beyond technique. "
- Diane Kimbrough, Live Performance Coach

Who Judy Teaches

People from all over the United States come to Judy for vocal lessons. including recording artists & entertainers wanting to protect their instruments and take their vocal ability up a level, songwriters wanting to sing better so they can write better melodies, musical theater and advanced classical vocalists desiring more contemporary style. Beginners take lessons for vocal assessment and find voices they never knew they had. Managers, talent agents, producers, and studio engineers regularly send their clients to Judy for vocal lessons before recording their final vocals or sending them on the road.

I just finished a show in Chicago and it went amazing. My voice is feeling stronger than ever, and thats after almost 40 shows in the last month and a half. Judy Rodman's vocal techniques have changed my life.
-Mat Kearney, Aware/Inpop Records recording artist

What Students Learn

Judy teaches proven techniques for breath, open throat, and communication skills. "Master all three areas, which affect each other, " proclaims Ms. Rodman, "and you maximize your vocal potential. "

* Power
Judy's students learn to draw controlled vocal power from a feeling of compression centered in the pelvic floor. This is a much lower center than most people sing from, and keeps the singer from squeezing at the diaphragm level of the ribs, minimizing 'overblowing' the vocal cords, limited vocal range and lack of control of pitch and tone.

* Path
Judy's students learn the magic of "pulling" instead of "pushing" words. Pulling words from a hook-shaped "Vocal Path" (a concept developed by vocal coach Jeffrey Allen) results in a flexible, open throat, enabling great vocal control and register blend without vocal cracks and strain.

* Performance
Judy's physical and psychological approaches to performance coaching are informed by her own extensive performance experience. She knows first-hand what it takes to give unforgettable performances during national network TV appearances & interviews. Her live shows rocked venues from clubs, auditoriums and county fairs to the stadium arenas, enabling her to teach voice with practical application to large stages. She is also understands how to give impact in a small setting such as a house concert or "writer's night". She teaches choirs and musical theater vocalists to perform with precision, articulation, and communication.

Judy has developed ways to alleviate excessive anxiety, yet preserve the spark of excitement in the performance. She specializes in helping a singer "get real" within the song, much like a great actor getting into character.

Judy Rodman is the best vocal instructor for beginners and/or advanced vocalists that I feel music has to offer. With my years and my ears of experience in Christian music, I base this statement on one simple word: RESULTS! And, after all, isn't that what we're listening for?
- Ronny Hinson, of the original Hinsons

Your First Vocal Lesson

During the first lesson, Judy will assess your voice and begin immediately improving your most challenging areas of vocal weakness. You will discover how to overcome voice breaks and cracks and sing in a powerful blend without vocal cord strain, jaw or throat tension. Pitch, diction, control and breathing problems are also covered. You will learn to expand your vocal range and improve tone quality, overcome stage fright, and effectively connect with an audience.

Hi Judy, I want to thank you for the "most effective voice lesson" I have ever had. When I went back to the studio my producer was amazed at the confidence level I approached while recording. Your visualizations about opening my air pathways made a remarkable difference. In fact, my producer said he may call you for a lesson!
Celeste Zepponi, Christian music artist

Healing Voices with Problems

Judy's deep understanding of the pain and fear associated with vocal dysfunction also comes from her own personal experiences. In the middle of her career she overcame a myriad of vocal challenges, greatly aided by her classical college training and Nashville's legendary professional vocal coach Gerald Arthur.

Judy has retrained singers with partial vocal cord paralysis, chronic raspiness, and with a history of nodes to sing with no strain or pain. She excels in correcting problems with pitch (even with those who've been told they were tone-deaf) , breathing (even problems involving strange diaphragmatic spasms) , diction (even in those who never had good diction) , tone (enriching even the thinnest, strained voices) and a broad spectrum of other vocal challenges and impairments.

Without Judy Rodman's "Power, Path and Performance I would have continued down a path of bad vocal habits that may have led to more vocal strain and maybe even severe damage. I'm grateful for this vocal technique method because with it I now have the confidence to conquer any live performance or studio session. I highly recommend it!
- Bryan White, multiple-platinum album recording artist

Styles Taught

Judy specializes in all contemporary vocal genres. When she is teaching style, Judy guides each student into his or her own heart. For instance, she helped classically trained singer Stephanie Adlington develop an alternative rock sound; she helped rap artist Mat Kearney develop a great singing voice, resulting in a hit career - signed simultaneously with both Christian and pop record labels. She helps her clients experiment with different styles, giving them feedback on what style is working best for their voices. She always coaches clients into their own uniqueness and authenticity, whatever style is chosen.

Years ago, I was a vocal instructor's ultimate challenge. Not only would I eventually pursue public speaking as well as singing, but I was also battling a life-threatening eating disorder. I was lost in my disease and could not connect to my body or emotions. With Judy Rodman and her "Power, Path and Performance" vocal technique, I found my voice. Today I speak and sing nationwide - communicating from my heart and with my true voice.
-Jenni Schaefer, Singer, Songwriter, Speaker, and Author of Life Without Ed: How One Woman Declared Independence From Her Eating Disorder and How You Can Too

Judy gives private vocal lessons at her Nashville, Tennessee office. Her fee is $100 an hour. If scheduled weekly or bi-monthly, lessons are discounted to $75 an hour. There is a 24-hour cancellation fee and limited scheduling availability. Contact Judy for Power, Path & Performance vocal lessons today.

Judy Rodman Recording Services

$75 hr prod, AFTRA rates for backing voc
Judy Rodman Recording Services

Recording Services

Whether you are an experienced pro or you are new to the studio, you will need some team members for your project. Depending on your budget and the size and type of your project, your recording team may include some or all of the following: an executive producer who takes care of financial and logistical aspects, a main producer, a vocal producer, recording engineer (s) , musicians and background vocalists. Sometimes a team member wears multiple hats.

Judy offers the following services: Vocal producer, track producer, background vocals and arrangements. She also offers original songs and co-writing for projects on a limited basis.
Vocal Producer

Vocal production is a specialty field of expertise. If you are a producer, you may wish to consider including a vocal producer in your budget who can greatly increase the quality of your client´┐Żs final vocals, resulting in greater client satisfaction and possibilities for commercial success.

Note to producers:
Here are the facts about our crazy business right now:

1. Because of the current economic situation, recording budgets from low end demos to the major label projects are being squeezed, making it more important than ever that every cent is wisely planned -- and necessary-- for the quality of the final product.
2. To be viable in the marketplace, the quality of the final vocal has to be better than ever, because most professional singers are now trained and vocal ability is higher than it's ever been on radio and stage.

As a part of your production team, here's how I can help you:

1. I can coach your client into the best vocal he or she is capable of -- most often, even better. Instead of listening to the mix, wishing they could do the vocal over, they actually find themselves growing to be able to match the quality of the recording! This is huge for your client's satisfaction.
2. Keep you on budget. One of the most elusive variables of a production budget is the time it takes to get the lead vocal. I can help your client get a great vocal within an average of 1 to 2 hours. This is most often less time than it used to take to get a mediocre vocal.
3. Your client's voice will feel better! A great sound comes from resonation, not excessive pressure. I know how to coach your singer to give a powerful performance that will not strain their instrument.
4. I can help your veteran stage performers and your artists who normally sing while simultaneously playing instruments get that live magic in the studio.

The hundreds of vocal clients I've worked with have included Pam Tillis, Bryan White, Mat Kearney, Jamie Lynn Spears, Craig Anderson (Heartland) , Taylor Ware, Coury Palermo (Lynden band) . Industry people who have referred clients to me for voice training have included Lou Taylor and Jamie Nehasil at TriStar Sports & Entertainment, Steve Wariner, Tom Paden, Radney Foster, George Clinton, Dick McVey, Michael Moore (music marketing/promotion guru) , Thom Flora, Elaine Ganick of Ganick Communications and Ron Oates. More credits and testimonials are available at my website www. judyrodman. com.

Note to Recording Artists:
Why hiring a vocal producer is important:

* Too often, most of the time, money and creative energy available is put into the instrumental tracks of a recording project. Then, almost as an afterthought, the vocal is quickly recorded. Let's face it: in this competitive marketplace it takes a great vocal to sell an artist and/or a song.
* Sometimes a veteran performing artist needs help getting vocals in the studio like they do in live performance.
* It's easy to hit the talkback button in the control room and tell a singer "give it more passion on this pass", "you're out of tune", "your voice is sounding thin and weak", "I don't believe you yet", etc. The poor singer can be left emotionally, physically and vocally exhausted and experience a loss of confidence. It takes a vocal producer to tell you how to fix problems and get a singer's best on tape.
* A vocal producer can help even a modestly talented singer get amazingly effective vocals in the studio. and can help a great vocalist maximize studio vocals for commercial hit potential.
* Simply put, you need a vocal producer when you need to have your best vocal performance recorded. Even pro recording artists need trustable feedback from the control room. The only time you don't need one is when another recording team member is also a vocal producer/coach as well. and this is rare.

I have never walked out of a studio happier than the day that Judy was there to produce! I never knew I had the emotions in me that she brought out. My voice had a maturity and confidence level like never before. One thing I advise everyone to never do: Go in the studio without Judy Rodman!
Jordyn Mallory, country artist

Judy Rodman's Vocal Production Experience

Judy has been producing solo and group studio vocals for decades on commercials and background vocals, demos and masters- including huge radio hits. She produced some of the finest session singers in Nashville on karaoke projects of many genres, including rock, r&b, classic pop, classic and contemporary country, southern and contemporary Christian. She produced vocals on hundreds of songs in her various catalogs at RCA, Warner Chappell, Chrysalis and MCA. She has produced vocals on new artists in genres including celtic/Christian, alternative rock, pop and country. She is often hired to produce vocals by other producers, managers & engineers.

I have been a producer in Nashville for over 22 years. Many years ago I was getting frustrated about how the vocals would end up on the artists I was producing. After the project was finished, the artists would tell me that they could have done a better job on their vocals. They would all tell me that they could sing better than what we had recorded and were disappointed in their vocals. That's when I called my friend, Judy Rodman. I now have Judy produce the vocals on every artist that I take into the studio. She knows how to bring out and get the best in every artist. I have seen her work, and it's amazing what she does. Every artist I've produced has told me that they will never do another project without her there in the studio.
Besides being the top vocal producer in town, she is the sweetest person that you'll ever meet. She is well respected and loved by many in this town for her talent and generosity. If you want to compete on a major scale and end up with the best vocals you've ever had, then I would hire Judy Rodman on your next project.
- Tom Paden www. padenplacemusic. com

Instrumental Track Producer

Judy produces in many different musical genres, striving for sonic excellence, honest emotional impact and individuality in every production. She specializes in mentoring creative singer/songwriters toward the recording projects they want to complete. She serves as vocal instructor for all her clients.

in addition to her work with other producers and engineers, Judy Rodman also produces:

* Piano or guitar vocals and worktapes
* Full track song and artist demos
* Finished mastered projects ready for sale

Studio Vocals & Arrangements

If you need vocals on your project, Judy Rodman will bring the voice, experience, creativity and professionalism needed to take your project to a whole new level. She has been singing in recording studios for over 3 decades, hired as vocal arranger, contractor and producer on literally thousands of projects including jingles, master albums, demos, and Karaoke catalogs. She specializes in innovative vocal arrangements that lift the production out of the ordinary. She can sing any style or genre, and has sung in French, Norwegian, Hispanic, and Japanese languages with specific dialects.

Vocal Training Seminars by Judy Rodman/ Power, Path & Performance

Do you need an exciting, unique, interactive event for your organization or venue? Does your group desperately need some truly effective vocal training? Do you need a fund-raiser for your organization? Contact Judy and schedule a Power, Path & Performance Seminar today!

At a "Power, Path & Performance" seminar with Judy Rodman attendees will

* Discover healthy vocal secrets of professional singers!
* Prevent and reverse damaging vocal habits!
* Eliminate voice strain!
* Maximize the potential of your voice!
* Learn from a pro who's been where you want to go!

At the full-day version of this seminar, participants receive:

* two hours of Judy teaching how the voice works and what affects it
* two hours of Judy teaching her special vocal exercises
* two hours of Judy assessing, correcting and enabling participants one-on-one as they perform live in front of the group
Note: Q & A is encouraged throughtout the seminar

Judy is also available for smaller workshops and speaking engagements.

Read what others are saying about the Power, Path & PerformanceTM Seminars.

"Very helpful breathing techniques. Good exercises to improve range and tone. I have learned many things that I can use in solo performance as well as teach better technique to a choir. "
- Gail Fowler, choir director

"I have learned a lot. I would love to take lessons but can't afford that right now. However, I recommend this seminar highly to anyone wanting to improve their ability. Thank you so much. "
- Jan Clemons, choir member

"I definitely got what I came for. It was intensive and informative, but also very enjoyable. Thank you so much! "
- Linda Rhodes, choir member

"I'm so excited to pass this on to my students! Awesome! Not only do you have the gift of voice & songwriting, but the ability to reach and teach us. The gift of explanation in the anatomy and physiology of breathing/technique/position/ and your application to inging taught me valuable knowledge today
- Monica Harlock, piano teacher/pianist

"Very informative info that will be applied to my ministry. "
- Mark Bales, minister

"Awesome, extremely helpful. The personal assessment was truly appreciated. I hope to have more time with personal coaching"
- Kathy Large, choir soloist

"I had no idea I could learn this much about my voice at one seminar! "
- Leanne, soloist

"It was great! I feel like I have a ton of info to take home with me. Thank you for that"
- Traci Amodio, recording artist

"Great seminar! The exercises were helpful and I would have enjoyed even more of them"
- Sarah Morris, recording artist

"It was a fabulous overview, wonderfully entertaining and very, very inspiring! "
Scott Tudor, singer/songwriter

  • I would recommend this business
  • Judy can help both speakers and singers.

I began working with Judy when I first moved to Nashville to pursue musical interests over ten years ago. I was immediately blown away by both her knowledge as a teacher and her talent as a performer. Through the years, she continues to impress me.

Judy customizes lessons for each individual, so you always get just what you need. She is intuitive and flexible. I highly recommend her!

Value for moneyOne of the best uses of my dollar ever!
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business

As a professional speaker it is very important that I have the ability to communicate my message in the most effective way possible. It is critical that I have the stamina to speak with strength and clarity in an all day training session. As a singer, it is important to have the ability to sing for hours while still maintaining my vocal strength. Judy has helped me accomplish all of this and so much more. After two sessions with Judy, there was a noticeable difference in the way I was speaking and in my performance. I have experienced other vocal coaches, and they were good in their own way, but Judy is the complete package. Her Power, Path, & Performance technique is the most effective method I have ever encountered. Whether you are looking to become a better speaker, enhance your performance abilities, or become a better vocalist, you are sure to get everything you need when working with Judy Rodman.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business
  • Quick results! Legitimate confidence booster! Amazing diagnosis and tx for your vocal challenge
  • none

Judy Rodman is magic! One or two lessons yield more results than a year or two with most vocal instructors. This is not the usual scales and singing. Be ready for a unique and mind blowing experience. It is best to just trust Judy from the start because she will diagnose and target your troubles almost instantaneously and then go to work helping you solve them. I have watched her do this in seminars on the spot and her approach is always unique to the individual. Judy will gently suggest one "fix" and if that is not quickly communicating to you what it is you need to do, she will have another or another 5 or 20 or whatever it takes. This is a very personal journey but Judy is so encouraging and supportive and makes the journey with you, and in the end, you not only feel confident and able, but you also share in the joy that you know Judy, herself feels for your accomplishment. Yeah, it's kind of spiritual and fun. I have also had the pleasure of being with Judy in the studio and watching her work with a variety of talents and experience and I can truly say the final product is always close to personal best - a level previously thought unachievable before the experience. Warning - you may leave this experience physically exhausted, but the joy of listening to yourself at that recording will be the sweet payback forever more. I would not think of wasting the cost of recording without Judy at my side! Oh, and by the way - she's still got it, only better than ever. It's a treat to see a Judy Rodman Performance!!!

Value for money
Service & supportIs there something better than excellent?
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business

Judy Rodman is one of the best vocal coaches in the country! She has helped us tremendously and we admire her and look up to her experience, technique, and performance. We highly recommend Judy and know you will love how warm and welcoming she is.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

Strength and clarity in their voice and a relaxed, natural delivery. That's the signature of a recording artist who has trained with vocal coach Judy Rodman. I work with recording artists staging their tours and coaching their live performance and believe me, there is a huge difference between singing a song and being a singer. Judy is that difference. It is more than her wealth of knowledge about how the voice works, it is her unique ability to reach inside an artist and bring out talent beyond technique.


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Maximize your stage and studio voice, conquer vocal strain! Check out my products and services that can take your voice to a whole new world of freedom, ability and performance impact.

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To all of you who have bought my music, cut my songs, used me on sessions, and trusted me as vocal coach or producer for your (or your client's) voices: Thank you. To those of you who study my courses, watch these vocal training materials bring out the best and healthiest voice in YOU!

Judy Rodman is an award winning vocal coach, recording artist, stage and television performer, public speaker, author, multi-genre hit songwriter, studio producer and vocal consultant. Named 'Best Vocal Coach" 2011 by Nashville Music Pros and "Vocal Coach in Residence, August 2013" by TC Helicon's VoiceCouncil Magazine, Judy teaches her trademarked vocal training method "Power, Path and Performance" to singers and speakers nationally and internationally in her office, by phone and Skype. Her clients include major and indie recording artists and labels, artist development companies such as PCG Nashville, touring and studio background singers, national public speakers, teachers and voiceover talent.

I'll get right to the point. A great vocal vs. a mediocre vocal can mean life or death to a professional music career. Trying to capture that magic vocal without knowing how can cause budgets to go over and voice-defeating frustrations to build. It's never been more important to not settle for less than the absolute best vocal you can record. I've been singing on hits in the studio for over 4 decades, and leading other singers for almost that long. Producing other voices in the studio made me realize the great need for a trustable source of information that could conquer studio vocal limitations -- and maximize vocal impact.