Testimonials: My children really enjoyed the class, and it has carried over to the rest of our lives. They both sing and dance more at home, and we really enjoy all the songs. - Jackie W. Since attending your music therapy program, my son, who has mild autisim, has been consistently sitting the family down and asking them to listen to his concert as he plays his instruments.

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Experience how your child will explore the whimsical sounds and magic of music, bonding with their family members and peers, while learning, laughing and growing. Classes at our studio stimulate and strengthen your child's cognitive, emotional, social, language, and physical development. Our caring licensed educators nurture and accelerate your child's development through our music and movement programs. At Imagine If, we're Different and the Difference Benefits Your Child; where you're not just a customer, you're Family.

The research about music and children's development is truly stunning. More and more, the eyes of the research community turn to music as a vehicle to deliver a learning experience to children. There is no longer any doubt about a significant link between early music instruction and cognitive growth in areas such as math, memory, and spatial-temporal reasoning. It's even been proven that these cognitive gains increase according to the number of years the student engages in active music learning.

During the classes from Infant to Toddler, Young Child to Older Child, you will witness development in Language Skills, Literacy, Listening, Problem Solving, Social Skills, Self Esteem, Self Discipline, Pride in Accomplishment, and Musicality. There is no doubt that research shows music helps children become better learners. Infants respond to music by cooing, smiling, and even swinging their arms or kicking their legs to the beat. Toddlers love to dance, swing, and sing as they develop their motor and aural skills.