I started teaching in 1986 at Bronstein's Music in South San Francisco, and since then, I've been working my way to Cupertino, CA; by way of B Street Music in San Mateo, CA; Allegro Music in Fremont, CA; Showcase Music Institute in Campbell, CA; Torres' Guitars in Saratoga, CA; Haight-Asbury Music in Sunnyvale, CA; Draper's in Palo Alto, CA; Joplin & Sweeney in Los Gatos, CA; and finally, World of Music. For the last 18 years, I have been teaching in Cupertino and have never had a better gig.

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  Person Jerry Baiden Guitar, Bass, & Ukulele Lessons
  City Los Gatos, CA
  Zip Code 95015
  Address PO Box 430
  Phone Number (408) 390-1292

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For Bass lessons, I am here to help you create a solid foundation of skills that will enable you to go on to greater heights. Bass is not my first instrument, but I am very aware of what a bass player does and means to a musical context. I'll teach you the proper technique and mental approach to playing rock, pop, R&B, jazz bass playing. I took both bass guitar and guitar lessons from Jerry in high school, and I will always consider those lessons to be one of the most fun things that I did during my otherwise studious and extremely nerdy teenage years.

Ukulele lessons are all about having fun. We'll dig into all of your favorite pop tunes. At the same time, I'll give you a firm foundation for you to play whatever you want going forward. Or, give you the confidence to approach guitar? I had the pleasure of meeting Jerry back in 2006. I wanted to learn how to play electric guitar, and my mom went online to find guitar teachers, and Jerry's name came up as one of the best (with good reason). I ended up taking lessons for nearly 7 years. Jerry knows about every type of music under the sun, and can play them with his own style.

Lessons with me, especially at this point, involve learning how to play like me, or do what I do, within the context of common, contemporary music literature (rock, funk, jazz, blues, pop, etc. tunes). You will receive an accurate assessment of your playing abilities in order to apply the proper materials presented in the proper sequence with which to learn from. Materials usually include the playing of songs, lead-playing, reading notation, understanding the theory and history of most genres. With current technology, many sources of information relating to guitar and learning guitar are very easily accessible.