Do you love to sing? Then sing with confidence! My studio offers an exceptional, foundational vocal technique for singers of all ages and music styles. By incorporating this technique into daily regimen, singers will see a dramatic increase in vocal range, beauty and flexibility.

Develop your singing voice to its potential in a comfortable, supportive, high-tech studio environment. Improve your confidence through singing with sensitive, empowering coaching. Remove the obstacles that prevent you from singing the way you want to sing!

Studying music through piano lessons provides learning experiences for adults and children alike. The skills learned in music lessons are easily transferred to homework or other useful areas of life. Studying piano is an activity which utilizes your whole self: mind, emotions and body. The benefits of piano study are varied and will stay with you throughout your life.

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  • Private, Professional Voice and Piano Lessons!

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  • National Association of Teachers of Singing

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  • Warren County, Allamuchy, Andover, Belvidere, Blairstown, Hackettstown, Harmony, Knowlton, Johnsonburg, Mansfield Township, Newton, Washington, East Stroudsburg, Netcong

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  Person Ruth or Jim Ratliff
  City Blairstown , NJ
  Zip Code 07825
  Address 426 Mt. Hermon Road
  Phone Number (908) 459-4050

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Ruth or Jim Ratliff


Ruth Ratliff has over thirty years experience as a performing artist encompassing musical theater, jazz, sacred and classical repertoire. Since 1995, she has carried over her love of singing to teaching voice. As well as studying voice privately for many years, Ruth attended Mannes Music College in New York City and The New School for the Arts in Montclair, NJ. Continuing to pursue the latest in vocal technology, Ruth continues to study voice, through attending private lessons, seminars and workshops.

Jim Ratliff, pianist, studied extensively with Fred Guenther of The Julliard School of Music. He has been a private piano instructor since 1991, and has held the position of Music Director of Walnut Valley United Methodist Church in Blairstown, NJ since 1992. Jim was also the co-founder of a northwest New Jersey non-profit community theater group, the Hope Community Players, Inc. He was musical director of their annual productions from inception through 1999. He has acted as musical director for other theatrical companies in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania, including the Northwest Theatrical Alliance.

Products & Services

Voice Lessons

Voice Lessons

Would you like to increase your vocal range, power and breath control? Learn new ways to think about your singing abilities and challenge your perceived limitations! My studio offers a unique vocal approach for singers of all ages and musical styles. This wonderful technique incorporates exercises specifically designed to increase range, freedom and flexibility. 

Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons

Do you want to learn to play the piano? Perhaps you're an older adult wanting to ignite your creative juices? Or maybe you have a young child who has an innate talent for music?

Studying music through piano lessons provides learning experiences for adults and children alike. The skills learned in music lessons are easily transferred to homework or other useful areas of life. Studying piano is an activity which utilizes your whole self: mind, emotions and body. The benefits of piano study are varied and will stay with you throughout your life.

I teach music not because I expect my students to become professional musicians, but because I want music making to be an enjoyable and motivating experience for the student. My hope is that my students will develop a love for playing and listening that will last a lifetime.

Customer Testimonials

I have been a voice student of Ruth Ratliff's for several years now, and she always tries to find ways to help me understand what she's teaching. Voice is a tricky art, and technique explanations that work for some students may not work for others. She knows this and goes out of her way to help each student grasp the concepts she's teaching. She is constantly working to improve her own vocal education as well. Her patience, support and confidence in me helped me overcome personal shyness and fear to audition for a musical at a local theatre, and I performed for the first time last year. Thanks, Ruth! I couldn't have done it without you!

Jim taught piano to both of my sons, both have developed a love of music that will last a lifetime. His teaching uses his magical musical four P's: patience, practice, performance, and patience. Both boys play regularly, jam with bands & have fun!

'Jemini Music is GREAT, not only are they both great teachers but going to lessons is like going to a home away from home, I LOVE IT! Jim is a great guy and though i've heard him play the piano and sound superb, i've never taken a lesson, but Ruth, she is my vocal coach and no one can or will ever replace her, she has brought my vocals to a whole new level, my head voice is ridiculous, i am hitting notes i never thought i would and it's great, if you are looking for a vocal coach that will bring the best out of you and your voice then Ruth is the teacher for you believe me, she'll have you at your best in no time.....THANK YOU RUTH!

If you are serious about developing your voice than you need to be studying with Ruth. I finally understood how to place my voice after studying with her for only a few months. Something I wasn't able to do with other teachers in four years. She's patient, caring and will work with you to get you to understand that techniques involved with good, clear voice production. I highly recommend her to anyone. She's worth every penny and so much more. You'll have no regrets.

A student is truly blessed if he or she encounters a teacher who not only provides them with the skills and tools to master their chosen field of learning but who also has the keen insight and intuition to connect to that student's unique talent and ability and is able to inspire them to reach into themselves and produce a result far greater than even they had imagined. Ruth is that type of rare teacher. In just 2 short years my 15 year old daughter Gina has made tremendous progress in all areas of singing and Ruth has expertly shown her the way to tap into her musical soul and reach and challenge herself to go to the next level in all areas of her singing. Better yet, Gina is now inspired to dedicate her life to music and her singing and I largely credit Ruth for her steady, positive encouragement and cutting edge teaching technique that gave Gina the confidence and focus to discover the joy of singing. As a songwriter/pianist /composer myself I know a great teacher when I see one!

Jemini Music is first class. Ruth and Jim Ratliff are Masters at their Craft. Ruth has been my daughter's vocal coach for 3 years now. Ruth's expertise and understanding of my daughter's potential has brought forth a beautiful, more mature soprano voice. My daughter's vocals are richer, fuller and more vibrant; she is now able to hit those high notes with clarity and purpose! It has been a pleasure to see this transformation.

My daughter started piano lessons with Jim about two years ago. Jim is a patient instructor who works hard to help my daughter correct bad playing habits she learned while trying to teach herself how to play piano. He keeps the lessons interesting and fun. He is encouraging and works to ensure his instructions are understood. We found Jemini Music completely by accident -- and a most happy accident it was! Thank you, Ruth and Jim.

I never thought I would find a voice teacher of Ruth's caliber in my area. She could easily be earning at least twice as much as she charges elsewhere. She was able to communicate to me what I needed to know to allow me to bring out the best qualities of my voice. So much so that I surprised myself on many occasions. Minnie mouse is now Diva Extraordinaire

We happened upon Jemini Studio by accident and decided to take a chance with voice lessons for our 14 year old. Ruth is great, so encouraging and knowledgable. Our daughter's true singing voice has emerged. This is one accident we do not regret.

Jim & Ruth are a love story and their music and lives together reflect that! They are not only blessed w/ talent but always eager to lend a helping hand and support their community! I admire them greatly.

'I just want to tell you how happy we are with Gina's rapidly expanding voice! She is really sounding great. Recently, I accompanied her for a performance of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" that brought the house down!! Thank you again for all that you are doing for her.

Ruth and Jim are wonderful people!! They spread sunshine throughout their community. A breath of fresh air when you need it most. Keep making beautiful music!!!

Jemini Music studio is one of the best! I have taken lessons from both Jim and Ruth. I have taken voice lessons with Ruth for approx. 9 years and counting! She is such a wonderful woman and has the ability to meet every singer’s needs. Ruth demonstrates a desire for her students to learn and does so with compassion! Jim and Ruth are excellent and extremely professional.

I have been studying voice with Ruth for 8 years and my progress has been remarkable. I continue to learn and grow because Ruth is always finding new techniques to share with her students. She knows that every student is different and goes out of her way to understand how you learn and how your body works and then adapts her instruction so it resonates with you. I find every session to be very uplifting, even when you find yourself struggling with a particular technique - there is no pressure, just loads of encouragement. And though her teaching is grounded in classical technique, she has the ability to apply those fundamentals to a variety of singing styles. I highly recommend!

I recently started taking voice lessons with Ruth and I have been so pleased with our time together. I wanted to take lessons for years and let fear and insecurity stop me. Ruth was the perfect choice for someone like me because she immediately and consistently puts me at ease. She provides a warm and welcoming environment and is holistic and tailored in her instruction. I look forward to learning from her for years to come.

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