Early Integration of music into your child's daily routine means improving their capability to think, reason, create, and express. With more than twenty five years knowledge in early childhood development, Kindermusik is the world's most trusted name in musical learning, for kids ages newborns to seven. Kindermusik is a classroom learning experience.

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I posted a picture to my FB account today showing how much fun my son has at Kindermusik with Ms. Amy. If you have little ones and haven't tried Kindermusik through Amy Pennington, you need to! She's great!

My daughter LOVES going to music class! It has helped her in so many ways developmentally while also growing a love for music!!

The best investment I have made for my boys in their early years! Injoy Music provides such a fun and loving environment to help develop the whole child. Such a great support for parents teaching us ways to help our child through each stage of development and it FUN! The teachers at Injoy spend time connecting with each child and making them feel so special.

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Let us show you why our kids hop, skip, and jump into piano lessons each week! Information events this week and nex https://t.co/WRYquDGvYt
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Why we have gold bows on our classroom doors. https://t.co/5v2hfxNDtz https://t.co/PAPukJ9h3y
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Time is running out to join us for our final playdate of the summer! Join Miss Megan for a Pirates and Mermaids Pla https://t.co/hKp76qjv8f
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Check out our schedule for this week - most classes are on Spring Break! https://t.co/RI2JoYQQeI https://t.co/862Z1woHxo
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Go on a musical Road Trip at InJoy Music! https://t.co/4vmxaLqrlj https://t.co/wnGJCohkRD
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Nature Playdate and more at InJoy Music! https://t.co/7QiQKkFBcW https://t.co/WcPdPclFBJ
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Summer Playdates at InJoy Music! Enroll Today! https://t.co/dJkiMIWr3o https://t.co/Y3Q7Z8tuka
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Two final Lion Guard Rock & Roar classes have been added - don't miss your chance! https://t.co/UR4yQTKwMg https://t.co/PLxulNTWwv
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From Our Website

Kindermusik is a classroom learning experience. We teach children music so they can become better learners. It's not about making little Mozarts. It's about developing skills in the whole child - ages newborn through 6 years - cognitive, physical, social, emotional, language and musical. For more than 25 years, we have believed music is the best conductor for learning.

InJoy Music was founded in 2003 as a way to reach children of all ages through music. We offer Kindermusik classes for children ages 0-7 and group piano lessons for children starting kindergarten and older. Our educators' combined experience contributes decades of experience in musical education, therapy, performance, and pure enjoyment! Research has proven that music enhances children's lives and helps them become better learners. We equip parents with the tools needed to incorporate music into their families' everyday rituals, as well as provide benefits to children's musical, physical, social, emotional, language, and cognitive development.

We areoftenapproached by our piano parents, wanting to know how to make practice "work" at home. Too many times, students discontinue lessons because home practice isn't going smoothly. Piano practice can be a mystery to parents who have never themselves played an instrument - and even if they have, it's likely they quit too early, and regret doing so. In our opinion, our students' success boils down to solid home practice habits. Your children will need help- Up until about age 11, children need hands-on help with home practice.

While you're staying safe at home, fill your day with Kindermusik. Connect via Zoom to other families. We're thrilled to offer unlimited visits to our live online classes during social distancing. We're all in this together!