We have a passion for guitar, music and for the progress of our students. Our academy has taught hundreds of children and adults to play guitar over the years. Our teachers have very valuble teaching skills, teaching methodologied, but we certainly must customize each of our lessons to acomodate the student.

We have easy going instructors who want the lessons to be fun, but also want the student to learn to play their chosen instrument as quickly as possible. We strive to teach them the songs that they want to learn, but also strive to teach them knowledge and skills that will make them great musicians.

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  Person Mike Middleton
  City Indianapolis, IN
  Zip Code 46227
  Address 5703 S. East St
  Phone Number (317) 719-7020

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Mike Middleton


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Guitar Lessons for Your Child

Guitar Lessons for Your Child

Help your child discover life outside the internet and social media. Children who discover music at a young age often join band, orchestra or other music related activities during high school, become more confident and sociable and do better in school.

Learning guitar will help a child become more disciplined and patient, develop better physical skills, develop more creativity and develop skills that will last a lifetime.

Guitar is an excellent starter instrument for children.

It’s easy to carry, simple to store and affordable. Best of all, children want to play it!

Customer Testimonials

Mike is a great teacher. His lessons are thorough and well planned. I have learned more as an adult from Mike than I ever did as a kid from two former teachers. He is also very patient and attentive to technique and style. I highly recommend lessons from Mike whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player that may just need a tune up. You'll definitely learn something.

As my newest friend and current band mate for the past two years Mike is a great guy and a riot to perform with he is a very talented guitarist and vocalist and as a teacher you would get that personal dedication and way more than what you ever would at your local music store very knowledgeable professional and seasoned.

Mike is a very knowledgeable guitar player and has taught me a lot of theory that I was lacking. I continue to learn a lot with each lesson and would recommend him to other players looking to improve their skills.

Mike gave my son lessons for many years, taught him how to read music and to learn songs by ear. My son is now a confident and accomplished guitarist,

Mike is a great instructor. He is very accommodating and patient with our 15 year old.

This is a great place to learn how to play. Music they teach guitar lessons an drum lessons an other instruments there very good at wat they do an its a very good invirament for any one to learn how to play music.

Mike is an excellent guitar teacher with a spotlessly clean studio. He takes the time out to be super patient, professional, and nice with my 7 year old son. We would recommend him to the beginner and up individuals wanting to learn how to play the guitar! You will not be disappointed.

I recommend Mike for anyone who is interested in taking guitar lessons. He is a great guy and VERY good on the guitar! He taught me everything from scales to learning how to play some of my favorite songs! I had a great experience taking bass lessons from Mike.

Mike is an awesome teacher, my son (9 yrs old) has been taking lessons for the last year and Mike is extremely patient with him and works with him at a level my son understands. Mike encourages him to try his hardest and recognizes the work when my son has practiced.

I've been taking guitar lessons with Mike for almost a year now. He's very patient and knowledgeable on playing the guitar as well as teaching. He can play/teach a variety of genres. He always asks me what songs I want to learn. I've had other teachers who have specific songs they want you to play which caused me to lose interest. I would highly recommend lessons with Mike regardless of expertise level!

I started guitar lessons with Mike when I was 45 years old. I had never had any experience whatsoever with playing an instrument but always wanted to learn. Mike is not only a gifted musician but a patient and kind teacher and I am actually learning how to play the guitar! It's a great experience and I highly recommend him to anyone young or old.


Guitar Lesson Indianapolis - Middleton Guitar Academy - www.indyguitarteacher.com

Learn Guitar from Mike Middleton. I live in South Indianapolis near Southport and Greenwood Indiana, Beech Grove.

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Big thanks to all of my current and former students. I've been photographing each one since May of last year. Grateful to be booked solid right now.
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I had a wonderful week of guitar lessons and got a picture with my last student of tonight.
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To find a teacher to provide studio, online, school or group lessons, or for lessons from teachers not near Indianapolis, IN, visit us at SchoolOfMusic.com to search our full database of music teachers. We are the Midwest School of Music, based in Brownsburg, Indiana, and we're here to help match music teachers to students. We provide in-home music lessons, studio lessons, school lessons, online lessons, and lessons at community facilities. By providing a variety of support services, we are able to develop student rosters for teachers while they focus on teaching.