He gets immediate results with a singer's voice that is exciting to experience. I have trained with a number of vocal coaches, and even attended a private boarding performing arts high school. No one could teach me the things that John has in such a short amount of time. I finally understand how my voice works, and how I can create it sound like one smooth connected voice.

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  City South Pasadena, CA
  Zip Code 91030
  Address 1108 1/2 Msn Str
  Phone Number (626) 403-7121

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With over 25 years of experience, John Henny is regarded as a leading vocal coach in the music industry and as a true teacher of teachers. John's techniques not only keep the voice healthy, they also improve the overall sound, help eliminate cracks in the voice and extend the singer's range allowing the singer to express themselves vocally without limitation. The demands these days for being a professional singer for Broadway or as a recording artist is so high. If you don't have a rock solid foundation of technique in your voice, its extremely difficult to be successful or complete a tour.

John Henny has built a reputation for getting to the root of vocal issues quickly so students can experience immediate breakthroughs in their singing. Even just a few lessons can put you on the fast track to dynamic vocal changes and success.