Providing elegant and sophisticated live music for your wedding, reception, banquet, or other special event. The harp is the instrument everyone loves. From Celtic to classics and show tunes, a program can be customised to your special event requirements. Create a welcome atmosphere for your event: celebratory, elegant, reflective, serene. Mary Jane will fit the music to the occasion.

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  City Saint Augustine, FL
  Zip Code 32084
  Address 31 Aviles Street
  Phone Number (800) 863-3613

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One of the most dreaded interview questions has to be "Where do you see yourself five years from now?" I always wanted to crawl under the chair when they asked that. What's the right answer? At the same time, it's probably a question worth asking yourself - especially if that first response is the one that springs to mind.

Mary Jane Ballou offers workshops that will help you achieve those goals. Experienced as a choir director and speaker, Mary Jane will turn listeners into singers and unlock the mysteries of a cappella singing and chant. She is engaging, organized, and ready to help. Rehearsal Time Tune-Up - Give Mary Jane your choir for the evening and sit with your singers. She'll work with you beforehand to define a focus for the time - an introduction to chant and unison unaccompanied singing, improving intonation and focused listening, a mini-motet in English or Latin.

Carols from around the world, as well as a hymn from Iraq and a lullaby from China. Old favorites share the stage with some you'll learn to love. Recorded Celtic harp and 118-string salterio, this is music for peaceful moments. A mixture of tenderness and joy to bring you closer to all you love about this season of delight. Celebrating over 400 years of music in the Nation's Oldest City, St. Augustine, Florida, Ancient City Harp is perfect for unwinding and relaxing. Imagine yourself walking down cobble-stoned streets or riding in a horse-drawn carriage along the Bayfront.