Ms. Kitty's Harmony Road is the music school for all ages -- from early childhood classes for infants to 5-year-olds and piano classes for ages 4.5 to 104.5 to private piano, guitar, bass, saxophone, jazz piano, theory and recorder. Whether you want to play for fun or on the concert stage, we will get you on the path to musical success.

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  City Moss Beach, CA
  Zip Code 94038
  Address 2385 Carlos Str
  Phone Number (650) 728-8637

From Our Website

If you are interested in future classes, lessons and camps, please register for this site as a NEW STUDENT. Beginning piano for all ages. But not just piano. Our students learn total musicianship. They develop insights and skills to have music and music-making be an important part of their lives. Developmentally appropriate curriculum grows with the student as they move from novice to expert. We take music education seriously at Ms. Kitty's Harmony Road, but we never forget the we play music. But it's never too late to start making music.

UNIQUE CURRICULUM: At Harmony Road, students of all ages discover the world of music and learn the skills necessary to be complete musicians. PARENT INVOLVEMENT: This is one of the most critical factors in the success of our students. Parent involvement in class and at home provides our students with a support system and a partner in the learning process. Remember - we are educating parents as well as children! Parents with students under age 8-years attend class with their children. SOLFEGE SINGING: Solfege singing is our vehicle to teach ear training and expressiveness.