Beginning and Intermediate Blues/Popular (Diatonic) harmonica lessons. Beginning Chromatic harmonica lessons. On the blues, harmonica, I teach the distinct skills necessary to develop higher level, integrated playing. These include breathing, body mechanics, hand positions, chord and single note playing, musical scales in positions 1 - 6, hand and throat vibrato, shakes, draw and blow bending, among others. I also offer introductory look at the playing styles of of Sonny Boy Williamson II and Little Walter. Contact me about basic Chromatic lessons.

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  Person Ed J. Kaitz
  City Baltimore, MD
  Phone Number (410) 782-9830

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Ed J. Kaitz


Ed Kaitz has played diatonic harmonica for 30 years and Chromatic for 5.
He has studied with Joe Filisko, Gary Primich and several students of Howard Levy.
Ed has taught harmonica lessons through the House of Musical Traditions, and several other Music Studios, as well as on his own since 1997.
Ed's most recent blues band experience was with the Big Daddy Stallings Blues Band in Balt. MD.
Ed has played with countless singer songwriters in the Maryland music community.
Ed is featured on CDs by John Seay, Ty Ford, Bill Patrick and Lea Jones.
Ed has 2 solo releases out featuring harmonica. One, "The Law of Guffaw" is available on The main songs featuring harmonica there are "Funky Chicken, Finger Picken, Frikken Harmonica Blues" and "Hymie the Handy Hippopotamus Plumber".

Products & Services

Harmonica lessons one on one, Maryland and DC

$30 per hour. Travel $ over 15 miles.

Beginning and intermediate lessons on diatonic (blues) harmonica, and beginning lessons on Chromatic harmonica.

Lessons customized for student level, and interest.

Focus on Diatonic is on the many basic skills needed to develop an integrated style in Cross harp, straight harp and Dorian positions.

Promotions & Discounts

Harmonica lessons run $30 per hour.
10 one hour lessons are thus normally $300.

This offer gives students the opportunity to purchase in advance these lessons for $225 instead.

Please contact me if interested. We will conduct a mutual interview to be sure it is a good fit and you are not going to waste your money.


Ed J. Kaitz