My name is Cheryl Goresko Woodford. I currently teach about 35 students, ages 5 to 75, in a beautiful home studio.

I have been a piano teacher since 1993. In 2002 I started teaching an Australian-developed piano and keyboard program called SIMPLY MUSIC, which provides a breakthrough in music education and produces unprecedented results for students of all ages. SIMPLY MUSIC starts as a 'playing-based' method. This means that the reading process is delayed until a student is able to play thirty or more songs from memory in many styles - blues, classical, modern and accompaniment.

At first, songs are learned without using music. Because of Simply Music's unique hands-on approach, students are able to play great-sounding songs from their very first lessons. Playing first, then learning to read is the most natural way to learn, similar to the way we speak a language for many years before learning how to read. After learning to play a large number of songs, you will go on to more formal music education such as reading and writing music. The Simply Music method changes the entire music learning process by offering a subtle balance between guidance, discovery, instruction and direct hands-on experience. Anyone can visit my studio for a free 30-minute informational session. You can see the materials, listen to the music and have a clear understanding of the Simply Music program. Piano is the joy of my life. I feel glad to be able to pass on the gift of music.

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • Nationally Certified Teacher of Music, Associate Simply Music Teacher

Serviced Areas

  • Eastern Montgomery County, Northeast Philadelphia

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  • PayPal, Personal Checks, Cash

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  Person Cheryl Woodford
  City Willow Grove, PA
  Zip Code 19090
  Address 210 Church Street
  Phone Number (215) 657-8494

Business Representative

Cheryl Woodford


University of Pittsburgh, B.A. Music
Temple University, Graduate music courses, M.B.A.
Studied the Taubman approach with Sheila Paige and Alex Ramirez
Music Teachers National Association - Permanent Certification as Teacher of Music in Piano
President of Local Music Teachers Chapter for 4 years
Associate Simply Music Teacher
Current student of Alex Ramirez and Donny Lee Gorrell
Continuing classes through Music Teachers National Association, Bucks County Association of Piano Teachers, and Simply Music

Customer Testimonials

My son has been taking piano lessons with Cheryl for almost a year and a half and I am so impressed with his progress. Cheryl uses the Simply Music method, which starts with learning to play actual songs, then moving on to learning about rhythm and reading notes. What works for us is that the teaching method is not rigid - my son gets the opportunity to be creative. He already knows how to play dozens of songs and is still so enthused about going to his lesson each week. I also like that Cheryl expects him to work hard, which makes him strive to do his best. The key is that from the very start, you are playing actual songs, not just scales. Also, the books, CDs and DVDs put all the pieces together - you build this great foundation and hear progress each week. I would recommend learning to play the piano using Simply Music at the Hands Together Piano Studio.

I'm so glad Devyn decided to be in the recital. I had originally thought she hadn't been playing long enough. Thanks for giving her the opportunity...

My son just turned 7 years old and has had only 23 lessons. In this short time he has built a repertoire of over 18 wonderful songs. He is very excited to learn because Simply Music makes it very easy. It is a wonderful gift to have music filling our home everyday, and to hear him singing while playing is priceless. Not only that, but I have learned the songs along with him.

Thanks and appreciation for being Jess's piano teacher for 11 years. You may not realize the impact you've had not just on Jess, but on the three of us as an entire family. Our appreciation of music grew right along with Jess's. You and your piano studio became part of our lives. I am proud of the fact that I am not a soccer mom; I am a music mom. Jess's commitment to her piano skills pulled us all together. It was a group project that brought us closer as a family. For that and for being an amazingly committed piano teacher, we thank you. You'll always be a part of our family history.

I began taking lessons from Cheryl six years ago after I retired, and I am so glad I did. Learning the piano requires patience, repetition and practice. It also requires a teacher who is patient, caring and understands the process of learning to play, plus the myriad of things required like concentration, proper fingering, counting and reading music. Cheryl has provided me with all the things to make my learning possible. I can now play many different pieces of music from classical to modern, making my journey to learn piano enjoyable.

From Our Website

My son has been with Cheryl for over two years and watching him progress is really amazing. He is reading music, creating his own work and showing a new self confidence that is wonderful. Cheryl is patient, yet doesn't let my son settle for not doing his best, which is very important. You feel that with every lesson comes new knowledge, which is great. I love that she instills in her students that music isn't easy - you must work hard. However, the rewards are well worth it. I have been driving my daughter 50 minutes each way, every week for almost two years for several reasons.

The fundamental goal at Hands Together Piano Studio is to maximize the likelihood of students acquiring and retaining music as a lifelong companion. There are four specific goals that our program and methodology are centered around. I am a dedicated, gifted, full time teacher, with a lifetime of experience playing and teaching piano. I have taken lessons most of my life and always strive to play and teach better. My style is down to earth, flexible and challenging. I want students to enjoy lessons and the songs they are learning, so they will stick with piano and have all the benefits that playing piano brings.

Hands Together Piano Studio is a beautiful home-based studio conveniently located at 210 Church Street in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, close to the intersection of Davisville Road and Old York Road (Route 611). There is ample street parking. Look for the rainbow colored flag with the treble clef! There is no charge for the introductory session. This is an opportunity for you to see the studio, meet the teacher, enjoy a mini-lesson, and get answers to any questions you may have about piano lessons, instruments, tuition and scheduling.