Basic vocabulary for rock guitar, displayed in shapes. See it online in the Building Blocks of Rock. A lot of guitarists learn some chords, perhaps a scale or two, then think: now what? They wonder if they're missing something. Chords alone don't seem to completely explain where great riffs and songs come from, and when they try to solo or improvise, often it just sounds like playing scales.

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If you play by ear (like most guitarists do), how do you know where to put your fingers? Hi, I'm Kevin McFarland, and this deceptively simple question has intrigued me for decades. It has also led to a checkered past of experiments and failed startups (like "GuitarVision", circa 2002). I've worked at Google for the past 10 years but I'm still intrigued. Guitarists learn differently (interesting research article). There's a strong visual aspect. Different shapes and patterns are moved along the neck based on the underlying key or chord.