Dave Lynch Owner, Artist, Craftsman and member of the local music community since 1976. Important Notice Re: Lesson Rates: Please read THANK YOU for voting us #1 Best Music Instruction KCRA A-List: Read the comments here! A G&L guitar and Rivera amp are a ideal staff for your next rig! Say you saw this video when purchasing your new G&L guitar!

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Our excellent team of professional instructors can help you bring together your favorite song list, technique, charts, exercises, book material, YouTube favorites, CD's, MP3 files or any other material you have and bring it all together in an easy to understand system! Start playing in hours! New Tursers just arrived 8-7-19! Please note: if I don't answer the phone I'm either deep in a repair, taking with another customer on the other line or closed!

Why waste time unstringing a guitar for a spot job on the nut or fretboard, when all you really want is to simply get the strings out of the way? Try these handy string spreaders instead of the makeshift method you've been using-they'll become a busy addition to your basic tools. Each curved brass spreader fits behind the neck, to capture the loosened strings and give you room for filing, cleaning, polishing or light repairs. Finish-friendly rubberized coating protects the neck. Randall amps, Kustom amps, Washburn, Jay Turser, Seymour Duncan, Levy's, AllParts, Rapco-Horizon cables, TONS of string brands, Henry Heller straps & baggs, Seymour Duncan Pickups.

Professor Nokes Kelley teaches here at Guitar Workshop and at Sacramento City College. The Professor has also played with numerous bands in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Boston. He also teaches your favorite jazz standards and the more contemporary/popular songs. Nokes has a Bachelors Degree in Music from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA - and a Masters Degree in Music from California State University, Sacramento.

Please note - we have not had any price increases for 10 years. As our costs have steadily increased we are forced to raise our rate and hope you will continue you to support our program and these great instructors. We hope you will continue supporting Guitar Workshop as we strive to bring you the best in music education and repair service available anywhere. Our instructors offer a wide variety of musical styles ranging from classical, jazz, reggae and rock. We can teach the youngest hands to the most seasoned of individuals.

All amplifier repair is $60 per hour, and are estimated at 2 hours labor + parts, or up to $180.00. There is a $60 deposit applied to the service, and repairs may be less than the estimate. If the service looks like it will exceed the estimate, Larry will call you with a revised estimate and you can approve or decline from there. If declined, where replacement makes more sense than repair, he'll just button it up and return it to you at the shop, and all it costs you is the $55 deposit. From single symptom repairs to major rebuilds and restorations, Dr. Rock is your one stop shop for all your amplifier maintenance.