What can I expect from Alexander Lessons? What can I expect from Alexander Lessons? Stress Reduction - We all are so accustomed to tension we rarely notice it-but it interferes with healthy mental and physical functioning. Ease of Movement - As you learn to use only the appropriate effort when you move, your kinesthetic sense becomes more accurate, so you move with greater ease, liberty, and control.

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As children we all had a natural ease and lightness of movement, but over time we slowly lose this wonderful poise. The Alexander Technique is a practical method for learning to restore this natural coordination, balance and posture. In today's world, hours of computer use, cell phone use, repetitive work and largely sedentary tasks have caused conditions of chronic pain, stress and tension. Poor habits of movement and posture, developed over many years, are often the real underlying problem and cause.

We are designed for movement. Inherent in this design is an incredible capacity for ease, flexibility, power and expressiveness, whether we are dancing, hammering a nail, working at a computer, singing or simply walking. All too often we unwittingly interfere with this design as we perform our daily activities. Energy, delight and grace give way to effort, tension and fatigue. The Alexander Technique offers a joyful, systematic look into the underlying principles that govern human movement. When applied, these principles guide us to a dynamic experience of kinesthetic lightness, wherein thinking becomes clearer, feelings accessible, sensations livelier, and movement more pleasurable.

The Alexander Technique is taught in a series of private half-hour to hour lessons. Using gentle hands-on guidance and verbal instruction, the teacher helps you become more aware of patterns of movement and tension that interfere with your natural postural reflexes and teaches you to allow these natural mechanisms of poise to function more freely. The process of lessons changes your general coordination in daily activity, which is the key to an improved standard of health and well-being. The four-year Actor Training Program at Juilliard is based throughout on the physical relaxation and subsequent rechannelling of energy that is inspired by Alexander Technique classes.

I guess I slept on it funny [and never throughout my life figured out how to stand upright without slouching or leaning against a stationary object]. Christ, I really did a number on it last night [and every previous day for almost 60 years]. OK this is really satire by The Onion, but it makes a great point about how we unwittingly abuse ourselves for decades and then think we just had one bad night of rest. American Society for the Alexander Technique - AmSAT- the U.S. affiliate of the international organization STAT, establishes standards for teacher training, continuing education and professional conduct.