Be prepared to change your life - music has been one of the greatest things in my life since I was just a youngin'. The guitar is an amazing instrument and somehow, it has attracted you to learn more about it. The neat part is, you can take a guitar just about anywhere with you and for some reason, people ALWAYS want to hear what you can play, no matter how long you have been playing.

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  City Tampa, FL
  Zip Code 33613
  Address 1009 Briarwood Avenue
  Phone Number (813) 264-4737

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Ages 10 and up, you don't need any musical background to get started. I will take you from the very beginnings on guitar with an excellent curriculum that is based on where you want to go on the guitar. I make it fun for all ages! I spent my first 15 years on guitar with NO formal training and I KNOW what it's like to not have a solid structure or guidance on the guitar. I'm here to teach the experienced players advanced rhythm techniques, fingerstyle, soloing, scales, open tunings, modal theory, composing songs, improvisation, ear training.